Little wins to help you get stuff done Little wins to help you get stuff done

6 tips to make your house a home for under £100

Renting? Living in halls? On a budget? Struggling with space? Whatever the shape, size or circumstance, it’s possible to turn any house into a home with just a few simple tips and tricks. If you’ve been putting off that much-needed revamp because you’re worried there’s not enough space or that you don’t own the property, we’re here to help.

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6 tips to make your house a home for under £100

1. Cushions and throws

It’s time to up the cosy factor. No furniture is complete without a soft, snuggly throw and a set of co-ordinating cushions. If you can’t change your wall colour, learn to roll with it and match your soft furnishings to them instead. Staring at plain magnolia walls? Look on the positive side, this blank canvas means you can accessorise with any colour of your choice! We’re loving on-trend ochre yellow and blush pink right now.

What will it cost? x2 cushions and x1 throw = £12

2. Storage

Storage really is your saviour when it comes to saving space. So you can see more of the room you’re planning to update, have a good clear out first. Anything that you need to keep can then be stored away neatly. Gather all the kids’ toys off the floor and store them in a stylish ottoman, keep bathroom toiletries together in a wipe-clean storage basket and make the most of any cupboard space with stackable boxes.

What will it cost? Faux linen ottoman = £20


3. Mirrors

One of the most well-known small home interior design tricks is to decorate with mirrors. Placed in strategic positions, they can make a room feel much larger while also creating a stunning focal point. Try to place them in a position where they’ll reflect a beautiful view or an eye-catching piece of artwork. You might also want to place artistic flower arrangements and candles near to the mirror, so these breathtaking features are duplicated without taking up any extra space.

Top tip: To reflect even more light, add metallics in the form of accessories, picture frames and feature walls.

What will it cost? Mirror with hanging strap = £12

Top tip – Living in a rented home or halls? If you’re worried about damaging walls when hanging mirrors or pictures why not try using Command picture hanging strips instead? There’s no need for screws or nails, and the strips will hold varying weights. When it’s time to move, they can be removed easily without damaging the paint underneath – that’s a little win!

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4. Lighting

Lighting is a great way of adding cosiness, warmth and style to a room. Whether you need home lighting for a specific function, such as a reading light, or you want it to accentuate a decorative feature in a certain room, the lighting you choose can completely transform your home. Choose a slimline floor lamp if you’re short on space.

What will it cost? Floor lamp = £25

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5. Bedding

Sounds simple, but a new duvet set will add a new lease of life to your bedroom instantly without the need for a total makeover. And who doesn’t love the feeling of getting into fresh bedding!? Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and textures too. Blossom prints and blush pinks are a great choice for springtime whilst cosy greys and crisp whites bring together the perfect winter look.

What will it cost? Double duvet set = £10

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6. Bring the outdoors in

Adding a bit of greenery and flowers to your home may seem as though you’re eating into some much-needed space, but plants are a great way of adding depth to your room. Softening the edges or corners of a room, plants won’t just bring an additional focal point to your home but they also help clean the air too! If you don’t have time to look after plants or you’re not very green-fingered, no-one will judge you for choosing faux plants or flowers!

What will it cost? Faux potted plant = £6

With just a few changes, it’s so easy to add personality to any living space. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a fortune turning your house into a home. Got anymore suggestions? Share with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest