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20 ways to save money around the home

Let’s save money getting stuff done! From how we wash our clothes to the way we light up our homes, there are lots of ways we can save money around the home. And with our little wins, we'll have you saving cash in no time!

  • Sarah - copywriter
  •  8min read
20 ways to save money around the home

Save money and keep warm

With energy bills at an all-time high, we’re all looking for ways to stay cosy without cranking up the heating.

  • 1. Snuggle up under a throw – when you’re on the sofa, get cosy under a throw or two to stay warm and toasty
  • 2. Invest in a thicker tog duvet – either get yourself a winter duvet or have some cosy throws nearby so you don’t get cold in the night
  • 3. Make your bed toasty – pop on an electric blanket half hour before you go up to bed or tuck a hot water bottle under your covers
  • 4. Get rid of draughts – lock out wind and cold with draught seal tape to fill in any gaps that might let in draughts around your windows or doors. A draught excluder is perfect for any draughts coming under your door too!
  • 5. Choose thermal curtains – blackout and thermal curtains act almost as an added layer of insulation over windows so will help keep any warmth in your room (they’re also perfect for letting you have a lie in on sunny mornings!)

Do the laundry without washing your pennies away

  • 6. Wash on 30 – did you know washing at 30 degrees will not only save you money since it uses less energy, it’s also a gentler cycle so will help protect your clothes for longer too – that’s a little win! Most laundry products these days work just as well on a 30-degree wash too, some even lower than that, but be sure to check individual product details
  • 7. Drying laundry outside - when we have a bit of warmer, sunnier weather, it’s the perfect time to save money by popping your clothes outside to dry either on the washing line or a clothes drying stand. Hello, fresh laundry satisfaction! There’s no need for tumble dryers when the spring air can do that for you! When it gets to the colder months, opt for indoor airers to take advantage of your central heating. We’ve a whole range of indoor airers to make use of every space. Such as over the door, and radiator airers

Cook up some savings in the kitchen

Here’s our little wins for saving money when it comes to eating:

  • 8. Think about an air fryer - air fryers can cook food faster than electric ovens and don’t need preheating, which generally means less electric consumption.
  • 9. Or how about a halogen cooker? This kitchen appliance is perfect for frying, roasting, grilling and baking! What’s more, our Halogen cooker uses less energy than a traditional oven and cooks up to three times faster!
  • 10. Let’s meal prep! Save time by batch cooking freezer-friendly meals. It’s perfect for when you’re in a hurry and helps use up any leftover veg before it goes bad!
  • 11. Use up leftovers – don’t let food go to waste! Fill plastic containers or food storage bags with leftovers and pop in the fridge or freezer for another day
  • 12. Have lunch on the go – don’t let lunch eat into your savings! Take lunch with you whether you’re heading to work, the park or out on a walk

Out with the old, in with the upcycled!

One of our best money-saving tips is to make use of what you already own instead of buying new. Upcycling is a great way to make use of tired-looking furniture and accessories around the home. And one of the best things about upcycled furniture is that you have the freedom to make it just what you need it to be with your own personality added in for good measure!

  • 13. Add a lick of paint to old furniture - check out how in our upcycling blog.
  • 14. Get arty – use wallpaper samples to make some personalised wall art
  • 15. Spray cans at the ready! A quick whizz of spray paint over old accessories like vases will have them feeling like new in no time
  • 16. Finished with that candle? Wash out the jar and use it for trinkets
  • 17. Need some flowerpots? Don’t buy new, tin cans can be painted and used for colourful displays in the garden. Just drill a hole in the bottom for some drainage

Stay switched on with smart energy

  • 18. Save money at the flick of a switch! Our energy-efficient LED bulbs last up to 25 years – what’s not to love?
  • 19. Get smart with turning things offsmart sockets and plugs are great for keeping devices turned on when you want them, and off when not in use
  • 20. Make the switch! Switch off appliances with the help of a timer. Did you know leaving things on standby uses energy? An electrical timer will automatically switch off your things, so you never forget again!

Hopefully our top tips have given you some inspiration on how you can save money around the home! Got any tips of your own? We’d love to hear them – let us know over on Facebook and Instagram.