Welcoming parnerships for our exciting growth plan
Welcoming parnerships for our exciting growth plan

We have an ambitious growth plan, including the launch of wilko concept stores across high streets, shopping centres and retail parks, and the opening of wilko stores in Northern Ireland for the first time.

CDS's Head of Property, Matthias Daly, said: “This is an exciting opportunity, not only for wilko, but for retail landlords nationwide.

“We’re glad to be returning to the high street, driving new jobs and becoming an integral part of the local community once again. We welcome landlord support in bringing this growth plan to life and look forward to discussions with potential partners as our store opening plans progress.”

If you’re a retail landlord who wants to join wilko on this growth trajectory, we’re seeking introductions to units between 20,000 and 45,000 square feet in size. Click the link below for our store locations.

Please contact Matthias Daly or Sharon Jones at [email protected] for more information.