Outdoor Lights

Light up your garden all year round or ramp up the security lighting; our outdoor lights range has you covered!

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We've got a huge range of outdoor lighting so you can make the most of your garden all year round. We know you love having fun outdoors with friends and family so why stop just because it starts getting dark?

Enjoy evenings in your garden with our popular solar lights that charge up in the daytime and then turn on automatically at night. Choose from a fabulous selection including string lights, lanterns, light markers that push into the ground, or decorative stick lights that will make a real impact in your garden.

As well as solar lights we've also got mains operated LED lights that can be used both indoors and outside. The outdoor lights come in a variety of colours including clear white, soft white and multi-coloured. For extra security outside your home, check out our flood lighting from Luceco, wilko and JML, which includes wall-mounted motion sensor lighting. There are also fixed outdoor wall lights for a bit more light wherever you need it.