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Whether you're starting out with seedlings indoors or container growing outdoors, find your perfect pot with our range of garden planters and decorative plant pots

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Get those green fingers at the ready and let’s get your garden looking great! Take a look at our Garden and Outdoor Ideas & Advice hub for even more tips on everything from growing your own to making the most of a small garden. While you’re there, check out our Ideas & Advice hub homepage for lots more inspiration to help you get stuff done.

Love to grow your own fruit, vegetables or herbs? Give them the best start with a plant pot filled with good quality sowing compost. When the seedlings are big enough, transplant them into a large plant pot for growing outside.

Our range of plant pots and planters are sure to give your plants the best chance of growing success. Choose from pretty decorative plant pots perfect for balconies and patios right through to hanging baskets for trailing varieties or if you're short on space.

Did you know, hanging baskets are also great for growing fruit and vegetables? Try planting a trailing tomato variety such as Tumbler Tom or Tumbler F1. Strawberries also grow well in hanging baskets, producing heavy crops of sweet fruit throughout the summer months.

Looking to add some colour, height and interest to your garden? Our raised beds are perfect for growing gorgeous mixtures of colourful plants or tasty crops. Why not fill your garden with nature by growing bee and butterfly friendly varieties? Geraniums, buddleia, roses and foxgloves are all great choices for attracting beneficial insects to your garden.