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5 ways to save energy

A few little tweaks here and there can make a big difference to your energy usage in the home, and our little wins will have you using less energy before you know it! Our five tips don’t mean making do either – they’re just little changes that’ll save you money.

  • Rochelle - copywriter
  •  5min read
5 ways to save energy

Switch off standby appliances

There are lots of appliances in your home that still use small amounts of energy when they’re left on standby, and it can all add up. Turn appliances off standby mode when not in use – think microwaves, kettles and the TV. We’ve got a range of timer switches that are easy to use and can be set to turn off your TV, lamps and other appliances, so you can still save energy without worrying about forgetting to switch off – that's a little win!

Here’s some more ways you can save:

  • Don’t overfill the kettle, only boil the amount you need
  • Use your microwave rather than the oven as microwaves only heat the food – not the air around it. They’re also much quicker!

Switch to LED lights

Did you know LED light bulbs can last up to 25 years? So, if you replace your standard bulbs with LED it’s going to be a long time before you need to splash out for new ones or have to change a bulb in the dark with a torch tucked under your arm!

We’ve got a great range of LED bulbs and you can choose from different levels of light and a variety of colours that will suit any space. We’ve even got some funky shapes and designs, so there’s something for all tastes.

You’ll still need to turn them off when you leave the room, though! Get into the habit of switching off lights in rooms you’re not using, to save even more energy and why not get the whole family involved, too!

Draughtproof any windows and doors

If there’s one thing that nobody needs, it’s sitting in a draught! We all know what it’s like; getting colder and colder while draughty air seeps in and lowers the temperature of the room.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to stop wasting energy and stay warm. Draught proofing strips are cheap and easy to install. They come in a few different sizes, so make sure you get the right type for your room and you’ll soon be snuggly again.

Wash at 20 degrees

Gone are the days when everything needed to be washed at a super high temperature to get the stains out. These days, washing detergents are much better at getting clothes clean at lower temperatures. Our new laundry ranges are designed to work at just 20 degrees, meaning you can save on energy every time you wash – that's a little win! And here’s a few more little tips to help you get energy-efficient when doing the laundry:

  • Pre-treat stains in the sink before putting into the wash
  • Go for a shorter wash cycle if your laundry isn’t muddy or stained
  • Make sure you’re washing with a full drum (not too full) – this can also reduce the amount of loads you do each week – that's a little win!
  • Keep your washing machine clean so it stays working at its best. Check out our range of washing machine cleaners to help keep it running at its best

Forget the tumble dryer

When the weather’s dry, forget the tumble dryer and get your laundry pegged out in the fresh air! This’ll not only save some energy but also make your clothes smell super fresh! Using a retractable washing line means it won’t be in your way when it’s not in use too. If it’s not possible to dry your washing outdoors, we’ve got a great range of space conscious airers. There are ones that fit on your radiators, over the bath, and even on the back of your door, so it doesn’t matter if it’s pouring down outside, you can still get the washing dry!

We hope our tips have given you some inspiration on saving energy at home! If you’ve got any tips of your own, we’d love to hear them – let us know over on Facebook and Instagram.