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Maximise the space in your small bedroom

Bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep. They’re a place to relax and unwind. Having a tidy and organised room that makes the most of the small bedroom space you have can help achieve this.

Refresh your space with our small bedroom ideas. Going for budget-friendly clever storage hacks, choosing the right paint shades and adding a few extra products can help make the most of your limited space.

  • Clare - copywriter
  •  7min read
Maximise the space in your small bedroom

Rethink the layout

First things first, start with the layout. Have a look at the furniture you already have. Do you really need it all or are some bits just acting as somewhere to dump your clothes! Try different layouts with the furniture - you'll be surprised how much of a difference moving things about can make.

When looking at the layout, start with the largest item in the room, which is usually the bed. Get this in a place you’re happy with then work the smaller items around it like the dresser and bedside table, and carry on until all your furniture is in place. If you’re unsure about what to move first, sketch out your room, marking out all your big items and have a play around with the layout on paper before you actually move anything. It’ll save time and backache!

If you’re buying new furniture for your refresh, go for items with added storage like ottoman beds. Ottoman storage is great as it acts as a seat too. And if it’s a spare bedroom you’re doing up, where the bed isn’t used every day, choose a sofa bed instead. You won’t miss that double bed mattress once you’ve made all that extra space!

Take a moment to have a look over your new setup. Don’t be afraid to move furniture out that no longer serves a purpose. If it isn’t adding to your space; upcycle, sell, gift it to charity or redistribute to another room in your home.

Once you’re happy with the layout, it's time to add style...

Refresh with paint

When it comes to a small bedroom, the colour you choose can affect how big and bright your space will look. Here’s some tips to help you choose the right colours.

Go for light and fresh shades. Pale colours will make the room appear larger. For flashes of subtle colour, go for pale pink tones and bright or pale yellows; they’ll help bring small spaces to life, whist still keeping the space bright and balanced. Check out our matt emulsion in Pink Harmony and Lemon Sorbet.

Neutrals are great for any space, especially small spaces. And no matter your style, neutrals never grow old. Choose cosy and modern shades that will feel right at home in any room. If you opt for neutral shades on all of your walls, you can always add colour with accessories later.

If it’s the little ones’ rooms your decorating, go for our tough and washable paint that stands up to grubby marks! And it comes in a great range of shades. The tough formula is 25x more hard-wearing than standard emulsion – that’s a little win! It wipes clean and will withstand scuffs and scrapes, too. Raspberry Meld and Moody Blue are our top picks in this range. But remember, to help keep the space looking ‘roomy’, create a feature wall with a bright colour and paint the rest a neutral shade.

If the bedroom you’re revamping is being used as a multipurpose space, you can use colour to separate the room. By colour blocking the area you use as an office, you’ll create a functioning, organised space.

Small doesn’t have to be boring!

The key with small bedrooms is to make sure the colours co-ordinate. Your space and shades don’t have to be boring…just scaled back slightly.


If you’re going for wallpaper in a smaller bedroom, all-over wallpaper might be a bit too much. Instead go for a feature wall. Having one wall standout will create a statement, and the room will still feel spacious.

Fireplace feature wall:

Your fireplace wall already stands out, so if you’re keen on adding colour to your room, use the fireplace wall to make your impact. It’ll help make your room feel less crowded.

Gallery wall

If your plain coloured walls are looking a little dull, then how about adding a small statement gallery wall to the space. Select an area and then plan out your frames, choosing different sizes to create a contrasting, modern look. Play around with the layout until you get what you’re after. Gallery wall art makes the most of your walls without overwhelming the space. You can even use command hooks to attach the frames, then you can remove them damage-free if want to update again – that’s a little win!

Make the most of natural light

Light is key for any small space, especially the bedroom.

Continue the light neutral tones with light shaded blinds and curtains, and always be sure to open them during the day to let the light flow in. Choose simple designs to avoid a cluttered feel. If you’re keen to keep your bedroom dark at night-time, try and go for blackout curtains in a paler tone.

Blinds are a great way to let space in, so opt for a roller blind and roll it all the way up when not in use. If you still like the look of bedroom curtains, overlay a voile curtain on top of the blind to create this chic and fuss-free look.

Mirrors are a clever way to reflect light, and make any space feel larger. And it’s not just mirrors that achieve this effect; choose accessories and furniture with mirrored finishes to help bounce the light around. Check out our mirrored wall clock and glass candle plate. We also have a great range of mirrored photo frames to capture those treasured memories.

If the room doesn’t benefit from lots of natural light – not to worry – you can always add some extra lighting. Choose from table lamps, bedside lights, floor lamps, chandeliers and everything in between - floor lamps will help make the most of your limited space and bedside wall lights won’t take up any floor space at all.

Top tip: wrap fairy lights round your headboard to accessorise and add light in one go - that’s a little win!

Think storage

The bedroom is used to store so much and it’s such an important one to consider when it comes to small spaces.


Start with a declutter in the bedroom, think about what you can get rid of…

  • Clothes which haven’t been worn could be sold online
  • Clothes still in good condition but not to your taste could be donated to friends, family or charity
  • Clothes that are truly past their best can be sent to clothing banks to be recycled
  • Think seasonally - our top tip is splitting out winter and summer wardrobes and always having one in storage. In the winter store away summer clothes like swimwear, shorts and short-sleeved tops. And in the summer, store away thick winter coats. Use vacuum bags to make these as compact as possible and store away in the loft or under your bed.

Multi-use storage

As space is so important, multi-use storage is a must…

  • Our ottomans are great for tidying away items, and they’re really roomy too! Plus, they double up as an extra seat when needed – that’s a little win! They could be used as a bedside table, too - simply pop a tray on top to create a flat surface and you can keep all your night-time essentials on top

Sorting the drawers

It’s all about the organisation…

  • Start with a declutter, getting rid of all that make-up that’s passed its best, and repurposing those things you no longer need or use
  • If your drawers look unorganised, then adding baskets to the drawer inners can help separate things - perfect for underwear!

Making the most of the wardrobe

Getting the wardrobe sorted is the biggest job in the bedroom, and our wardrobe solutions can help make use of every inch of precious space…

Adding extra clothing storage

Clothing storage doesn’t have to be just the wardrobe, think outside the box…

  • Add an extra clothing rail to store items like coats and thick jumpers to get some space back in the wardrobe. You could store this in the bedroom, or even in the downstairs cupboard, so coats are ready when you’re leaving the house
  • The same applies for shoes – go for a shoe rack like this one, set this near the door so shoes are ready to go
  • Coat hooks can be really handy on the back of the door to store handbags, jackets and scarves

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