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How to refresh your kitchen for guests this summer

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home (and the place everyone seems to gather for a natter!). With a few of our tips and tricks, you can get your kitchen ready not just for summer cook ups but catch ups too!

  • Sarah - copywriter
  •  6min read
How to refresh your kitchen for guests this summer

Deep clean your kitchen

Before you think about anything else, it’s a good idea to give your kitchen a deep clean. After a long winter and lots of indoor entertaining, a good scrub with some hard-working kitchen cleaners can help make it feel fresh again before summer arrives. This may not be the most fun part of preparing your kitchen for summer, but it’ll help make your kitchen feel new and ready for the fun ahead.

Disinfect the surfaces

  • Take everything off your surfaces and give them a good scrub – Lemon and Mandarin Kitchen Cleaner will be perfect for this
  • Get rid of any grease or grime that may have built up over the winter with a good-quality foam cleaner

Give the floor a good clean

  • For stubborn areas in need of a deep clean, a steam mop will be your new best friend
  • For a lighter clean, a microfibre mop will do just the job

Clean out the oven and hob

  • Give your hob and oven an overhaul and get them looking bright, clean and ready for summer
  • For a non-abrasive hob cleaner, choose something like Astonish Specialist Oven and Grill Cleaner, which is one of our go-tos for cleaning up everyday burnt-on spills without harsh chemicals
  • The oven can be a bigger challenge, but you can make this job easy with an oven cleaner kit, like the Ovenbrite Oven Cleaner, which is a complete solution in one to get your oven sparkling again

Give the windows a wash

  • Finally, make sure you’re maximising on all that beautiful sunshine by giving the windows a good clean
  • Remove any built-up streaks and grime with some of our wilko Glass Wipes and make the most of the summer sun when it arrives

With all this done, you're on your way to having a great space to entertain your guests this summer.

Give your kitchen a new theme

Getting your kitchen ready for guests doesn’t mean you have to do a full top-to-bottom makeover. We’ve got lots of little wins you can do to refresh the feel of your kitchen and get it ready for summer entertaining in no time.

Tweak the tiles

  • Tile paint is a quick and effective way to give your kitchen a refresh without breaking the bank
  • Focus on light, summery colours to make the most of the summer sun and create the right vibe for the heart of your home

Coat the cupboards

  • Give your kitchen cupboards a brand-new look with a lick of our cupboard and furniture paint
  • As with your tiles, try and keep the colours bright and fresh to maintain that summer feel, but make sure the colours will work for your space all year round!

Update your kitchen accessories for spring

Adding some new accessories to your kitchen will help to instantly give it a new feel. And, of course, we’ve got lots of little wins to help you create that new look for your kitchen ready for when everyone pops over this summer.

Update your kitchen essentials

  • Oven gloves, aprons are practical essentials that are part of every kitchen, and a refresh of these can give you quick impact for minimal effort
  • Decide on your theme – our kitchen collections are great for a bit of inspo. Replace any tired accessories with some colour-co-ordinated items that’ll help create that sunny vibe
  • Remember to keep your colours bright and summery
  • Got special guests coming over? You’ll be surprised how much a fresh, summery tablecloth can make a real impact on your space

Freshen up your tableware

  • A new dinnerware set for summer can help set the scene and get you in the holiday mood
  • Planning on using your new dinnerware outside too? How about some bamboo plates and bowls to avoid any accidents!
  • And then how about matching it with a new teapot and cup set? What summer kitchen would be complete without a good cup of tea for when you have unexpected guests pop by?

Try a whole new style

  • If you’re not sure what style is right for you, why not have a look at our home collections for even more inspiration?
  • Whether you’re in the mood for a little Countryside Romance or prefer the idea of a Rustic Retreat, our home collections take the hard work out of choosing a style, freeing up your time to enjoy your kitchen with your friends and family

It might not sound a lot, but all these little things will quickly add up to give you a whole new feel for your kitchen without you needing to make a big investment of your money or your time.

For more on how to get your kitchen ready for summer, visit wilko.com