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9 ways to make your home cosy this winter

Autumn leaves are dropping and there’s a hint of winter chill in the air. That means only one thing…it’s time to cosy up indoors! Here at wilko we have everything you need to make your home even cosier this winter, so grab a blanket, whip up a hot choccy and have a read of our ways to get cosy…the good news is, it’s not as hard as you may think!

  • Clare - copywriter
  •  7min read
9 ways to make your home cosy this winter

Cushions and throws – soft furnishings

Cushions and throws just say cosy! The ultimate way to get snug on the sofa is wrapped in a warming throw, surrounded by comfy cushions. A festive film and sweet snacks usually go well too!

Scatter cushions can not only update the look of the room but make sofas comfier - perfect for snuggling into on a winter’s night. Add on as many scatter cushions as you like – choose from statement designs to laid back neutral colours. We like to add different textures into the mix of scatter cushions to create contrast. Choose from corduroy and handwoven finishes to velour and sequin. Top tip – our jumbo 55cm cushions are a great way to add instant impact to your room, and they’re comfy too!

Warm blankets and throws are a winter essential. Turn down the heating and wrap yourself in them for a super snug feeling. We have textured throws like chunky knits and waffle effects, or you can opt for our teddy throws for the ultimate comfort. They’re machine washable too – that’s a little win! Our throws work perfectly in the bedroom too, adding an extra layer of style and warmth.


Duvets and bedding – update your bedding

It’s time to trade in those lighter sheets (which are perfect for summer) for cosy bedding that will hold in the warmth on cold nights.

As the weather gets colder, update duvets to higher tog versions and save away the lower tog one for the summer months. Our wilko duvets go up to 13.5 tog – perfect for winter nights.

Update bedding to our super soft teddy bedding for a cosy night’s sleep. The fleece texture is super soft and comfy. Don’t forget to pop a cosy throw on top of your quilt for an extra dose of warmth.

Lighting – let there be lighting

Here’s some ways you can use lighting to turn a dark and dreary night into a warm, cosy haven in your home.

Lights are trendy, but also super functional – they can add interest to a corner but also brighten up a whole room.

Pop a table lamp in the corner of the room on a shelf to create a perfect little cosy corner. Finish off with some other home accessories like cushions, throws and photo frames and you have your very own reading nook. Top tip – update an existing lamp with a new shade, it can make a real difference!

If you need to add much-needed light to a space, floor lamps are perfect. They project light over large spaces to really make an impact. Perfect for modern living spaces.

String lights are also a great way to add décor and light to a space. Lay them around fireplaces or bed frames for a cute and decorative touch. Turn off the main light and watch them twinkle. Top tip – secure with command adhesive strips so they stay in place.

Don’t forget the outdoors too! Our range of outdoor lighting will brighten up your garden. Choose from fairy lights and string lights to create your cosy space. There’s security lights too - great for early lighting up driveways and patios on those early/dark winter mornings!

Other ways to stay cosy

We’ve got even more ways to stay cosy, just have a look at these simple ideas…

Invest in blackout curtains, their thermal lining keeps heat in and makes living spaces nice and snug. They’re perfect for bedrooms.

Add decoration and cosy scents with candles. Choose from a range of autumnal and festive aromas like vanilla caramel cookie and festive pine. They make living spaces so inviting.

Hot water bottles are just the trick when it turns cold. So cosy up on the sofa with a fresh hot water bottle on winter nights. They’ll save you money on your heating bills too.

Stay cosy in the kitchen too

Stock up on new mugs, perfect for hot chocolate, teas and coffee. Opt for stylish matching sets that friends and family are sure to love too.

Cook up a storm with our range of kitchenware that’s perfect for cosy family dinners. Choose from roasting trays ideal for Sunday dinners and cooking up the all-important roasties!

Slow cooked meals in the slow cooker are just the thing for lazy nights or when you’re short on time. There’s nothing better than coming home to a perfectly cooked meal that’s been bubbling away in the slow cooker whilst you’ve been at work!

We can’t wait for cosy nights this season…what are your other ways to stay cosy? Share with us on Instagram or Facebook.