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Clever clothes storage ideas to organise your wardrobe

Let’s be honest, sorting clothes in the wardrobe can be stressful at times! But with the summer months fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to get your wardrobe organised. If you’re wondering how to clear out your wardrobe, our clothes storage tips and clever coat hanger hacks will help you declutter, organise and get your wardrobe looking great!

  • Rochelle - copywriter
  •  7min read
Clever clothes storage ideas to organise your wardrobe

Start with a good clear-out

Let’s start with the big wardrobe clear-out! Yes, it’s okay to say goodbye to the dress you haven’t worn since 1992, or that top you haven’t touched since it left the shop. Don’t forget all the pairs of shoes stuffed at the bottom of your wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day for decades too!

Having a complete wardrobe clear-out is the best way to reclaim some wardrobe space, and by the end you should be left with a ‘keep’ pile and a ‘donate’ pile.

Start on your ‘keep’ pile and sort it into seasons; winter clothes and summer clothes will do just fine if you’re short on time. You’ll need plenty of space in your wardrobe for stuff you’ll wear so a storage box or ottoman is a must-have for your out of season clothes (we’ll tackle those later in the blog and share some clever space-saving storage hacks too).

Now it’s time to sort the ‘donate’ pile. If the clothes are in good condition drop them into your local charity shop or clothing bank. There might even be a few hidden gems and vintage items that you could sell online or at a car boot sale?

Now you’re left with a pile of wearable clothes, so read on for lots of little clothes storage wins!

Clever clothes storage

Organise your outfits

So you’re sat with a pile of clothes you regularly wear, which means it’s time to get things organised! Organising your clothes by type will save you lots of stress in the long run. A well-organised wardrobe makes the mad morning rush to get dressed, get the kids dressed, sort the packed lunches, and head out the door on time a little easier.

As they go back on the rails by type, hang them up using a matching set of slimline coat hangers. They’ll help your clothes hang neater and make the most of your wardrobe space, which is particularly useful if yours is on the smaller side. Try adding an extra clothes rail to the inside of your wardrobe with adjustable hooks if you’re really struggling for space.

Don’t forget about the shoe pile too! Rather than just throwing them back into the bottom of your wardrobe, why not pop a hanging shoe organiser on your wardrobe rail? Ours has space for 10 pairs of shoes to neatly slot inside each cubbyhole so you can find the pair you’re after in seconds.

Top tip: If you want to be super organised, why not plan your whole outfit the night before? Our outfit organiser will hold clothes, accessories, scarves and belts, and there’s a mesh section too for your earrings – that's a little win!

Store it out of sight

We haven’t forgotten about that pile of out of season clothes, so now let’s look at a few space-saving ways to store them until they’re ready to wear again.

You’ll want to free up as much space in your wardrobe for clothes you’ll be wearing so you won't want to see thick jumpers in there during the summer or t-shirts during the winter. Underbed storage boxes are great for storing all these clothes away neatly. They make use of space under your bed that you might not have considered and they’re easy to get to when it’s time to switch your clothes round.

If you don’t have any underbed space (or it’s already full!), why not invest in a stylish storage ottoman? They’re perfect for popping at the foot of your bed and double up as a handy seat too. Make the most of every inch of this extra storage space by putting your clothes into vacuum packs first – that's a little win!

And there you have it, your quick guide to a tidier and more organised wardrobe. A little time and effort put into an organised wardrobe like this means you’ll have more time and less stress when it comes to getting ready. Let us know how you get on over on our social channels - Facebook and Instagram page.

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