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How to make your home guest-ready

Christmas will be here before you know it, so get a head start on prepping the house so it’s ready for your guests during the festive season. So, whether it’s the grandparents, your best friends or anyone in-between, the guest bedroom is about to become fully booked! To help you prepare, we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to get your home feeling super-cosy and welcoming for all your guests.

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How to make your home guest-ready

Make the spare room home–from-home

We know you love making your guests feel comfy and as though your spare bedroom is their home away from home. So, make it cosy and welcoming with our top tips:

  • Add cosy items such as candles, cushions and throws
  • Make it as homely as possible
  • Lay out fresh towels and treats, such as toiletries, books and magazines
  • Create warm lighting with lamps

Your guests will also appreciate some festivity in their bedroom, so why not go the extra mile with:

Get your bathroom guest-ready

Guests love a clean and welcoming bathroom and we think it's just as important as a nice place to sleep. We've got lots of fab ideas to spruce up the bathroom so that It’s squeaky clean and ready for your guests to enjoy.

  • First, give it a good, proper clean!
  • Lay out a range of toiletries for the guests
  • Make sure there's a selection of fresh towels
  • Add some nice air fresheners

If you've got the budget, why not Invest in some new toilet accessories to jazz the place up a bit. We suggest a mirror, toilet roll holder and soap dispenser or soap dish.

A hamper of goodies such as toiletries in the bathroom is a great idea to make your guests feel super-pampered. Include some gorgeous luxury products such as face masks, moisturiser, nice shampoo and conditioner and give them a real treat!

For lots more tips on ways to get your house clean in time for guests this festive season, check out the 'Cleaning the home for last-minute guests' blog.

No spare room... then, make one!

We understand not everyone has a spare room, so don't panic... it's totally fine! Also, it doesn’t mean that you can’t give your guests the 5-star stay that they deserve. Just follow our tips on how to make your living room as cosy as possible, so whether they're sleeping on the sofa or on an airbed, they'll still have a comfy night!

  • Give them lots of throws and cushions for extra comfort
  • Create a lovely smelling room with candles or diffusers
  • Get black-out curtains for those lie-ins
  • Give them cosy mugs for hot drinks in the morning

If you're having guests over during December, get the Christmas decorations up and make the place super-festive and cosy. We think fairy lights are so important for a snuggly December morning with a hot chocolate and definitely the most relaxing and festive way for your guests to start the day.

We’ve got lots of ways to get your home guest-ready, so why not check out our home living range here.