Little wins to help you get stuff done Little wins to help you get stuff done

How to decorate a Christmas tree

Nothing says Christmas more than getting the tree up! It’s one of our favourite parts of Christmas and really kick-starts the festivities. It’s best tackled with mulled wine and some nibbles too! So set aside a weekend, pop on some Christmas music, get the Christmas pjs out and get stuck in! Here are just a few of our favourite little wins to help you transform your tree into a showstopping centrepiece!

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Get in the Christmas spirit

Putting the tree up is a big Christmas event for the whole family, so start by getting everyone into the spirit. Pop some cheesy Christmas tunes on, pour some hot chocolate (or mulled wine for the grown ups!), throw on some cosy Christmas PJs and you’re all set. Oh, and give yourself plenty of time too so you’re not rushing to get it finished!

When you’ve picked the perfect spot for your tree, start by giving the floor and skirting boards a good clean (especially if you’ve had to move furniture to make room for it!). Once all the decs have been dragged down from the loft lay them out so you can remind yourself what’s there!

Does your bauble haul need an update? We love adding personalised touches to the tree and our photo frame baubles are perfect for filling with memories of loved ones. Or perhaps you want to start a new tradition this year of giving one as a gift? Whether it’s the brightest, biggest or sparkliest...anything goes!

Top tip: When packing your decs away again for next year, pop them into labelled storage boxes to make next year’s decorating day a breeze!

Give it a good fluff

So you’ve unpacked and assembled the tree, now it’s time to fluff it out! Opening out the branches will make the tree look fuller, so be sure to separate every single one to cover as much area as possible. As you bend each branch, alternate the direction and fill all the gaps. Spoiler alert: we’ve got plenty more ways to fill some of the gaps later on so don’t worry if your tree’s not looking its best at this stage!

Top tip: Take a step back and look from the opposite corner of the room at a wider angle as you may spot a gap you missed closer up.

Dressing Christmas Tree

Light it up

Next, it’s time to add some lights! It’s important to know how many you’ll need based on the size of your tree so here’s a handy guide to help!

Dressing Christmas Tree

Before hanging your lights, quickly plug them into a power socket to check they’re still in working order after their hibernation, especially if you’re using last year’s lights. If your tree isn’t sitting close to a power socket, make sure you’ve got an extension lead handy too.

As you hang the lights, start from the top and snake your way down from left to right. Aim for the lights to finish at the bottom of the tree nearest the power socket. As you go, tuck the lights into the centre of the tree so the wires are well hidden.

Dressing Christmas Tree

Bring on the baubles

Now it’s time to add colour and sparkle with the all-important baubles.

Why not add a few more statement baubles to this year’s display from our Christmas collections? Simply choose your favourite style:

Cosy Christmas – Bring home the warmth of a traditional Christmas with nostalgic tartan prints and soft handmade textures.

Midnight Luxe - Take your tree to the next level with elegant baubles, jewels and glitter foliage.

All that Glitters - Bring shine and shimmer to the tree with this icy cool collection featuring pearlescent and iridescent finishes.

Merry and Bright - It’s all about family fun in this colourfully festive collection. Bright and energetic prints and graphics give a fresh look that both kids and adults will love.

Start by hanging multipack baubles - these will be your base layer. It’s always good to have at least one pack of these, as the colours will all co-ordinate, saving you time matching everything together. As you go, avoid hanging duplicate colours next to one another.

When hanging statement baubles, hang them in groups of 3 in a triangle shape to make sure they look balanced and don’t overpower a certain area.

Tree still looking a little sparse? Just a few oversized baubles in coordinating colours can really add wow factor and bulk it out.

If you have little ones, they’re bound to have heard of the naughty elf. If you’re setting up the tree when they’re asleep, how about hiding one in the tree for them to find in the morning to really kick-start the advent mayhem?

Top tip: Keep any delicate baubles safe from little hands and paws by removing the top from the bauble and shortening the string so it’s harder to pull from the branch. If the bauble’s a little heavy, hang it as normal and then bend the branch back on itself to trap the string and prevent any sliding.

Dressing Christmas Tree

Bring on the sparkle

Once the decorations are done, finish by filling any gaps with garlands, tinsel, sprigs or bows. This will really help to give your tree the wow factor and make it look as full as possible. Weave garlands in and out of the branches in an upwards, diagonal direction for maximum effect.

Dressing Christmas Tree

Add the finishing touches

Now all that’s left to do is add the final finishing touches! First take a step back and check for any gaps, (or ask someone else to check for you) and fill any in that you spot. If you live in a busy home with little ones and pets it’s probably a good idea to give the tree a quick shake just to make sure there’s no loose baubles that can easily be knocked off too.

Now for the bit the kids have all been waiting for (and most likely bickering over!)’s time to add the topper! When the kids have helped to carefully add this all-important finishing touch (without knocking the whole thing down!), it’s time to stand back and admire all your hard work.

Finish by covering the tree base with a tree skirt or a faux snow blanket. If you’re wanting to go extra festive this year why not add some Christmassy ornaments? You could even treat the sofa to a festive upgrade with a few scatter cushions!

Dressing Christmas Tree

After all that effort, now’s the perfect time to treat the family to a cosy evening snuggled on the sofa with blankets watching a cheesy Christmas film, all while munching on a mince pie or two. Bring on Christmas! Visit us at: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter