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How to make your own Christmas gift hamper...it’s easy!

Add some creative flair to your Christmas gifts this year by putting together a personalised hamper, which you can pack full of thoughtful little gifts that you know they’ll love.

At wilko, we’ve got everything you need to make your own Christmas hamper. Pop on your favourite Christmas songs and follow our easy step-by-step guide.

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How to make your own christmas gift hamper...it’s easy!

How to pack your hamper

Baskets are normally used for gift hampers, but why stop there? By using a stylish storage box, the lucky recipient can also put it to good use afterwards.

As it’s Christmas, you can get creative: if your loved one is a keen gardener, you could use a plant pot to store all the goodies. For the kids, a useful bit of toy storage not only looks exciting but will also help to minimise mess later!

How to pack a hamper

Before you start packing your gifts, pop a layer of tissue paper or shredded paper in the bottom of your container. This will help keep everything nice and secure.

Christmas hamper

Top tip – if you have any heavy or breakable items, wrap their base in a layer of tissue or shredded paper for extra protection and pack these first!

How to arrange items

Put aside your favourite products from the hamper – they go in last and sit front and centre for the wow factor!

Christmas garden hamper

Start with the largest items and place these at the back of the hamper, then use the smaller items to fill in the gaps. We love the shabby chic look, and this means it doesn’t have to be perfect. It is a hand-made gift after all! Finally, add your favourite items to the front of the hamper.

Top tip – if you’re posting your hamper to a loved one, choose a well-fitting box, add extra packaging, and make sure there isn’t space for anything to rattle around.

Christmas Hamper

Adding the finishing touches

Next, it’s time to make it look pretty! Go for ribbons, bows and a personalised gift tag. Baubles are an excellent addition to the hamper and will give it that extra bit of pizzazz!

Christmas hamper

Ideas for your hamper theme

It’s time to put your thinking cap on and decide what theme you’re going to base your hamper around. To make it personalised, think about the special someone who’s receiving it. What do they enjoy doing; what are their hobbies and how do they enjoy spending their time?

The options are endless when it comes to personalising a hamper, but here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Gardening hamper – for the green-fingered ones
  • Wild bird hamper – for those nature lovers
  • Family Christmas Eve hamper – perfect for little ones
  • Pamper hamper – perfect for someone who deserves a little ‘me-time’
  • Dog hamper – filled with treats to get tails wagging!
  • Cat hamper – they'll love the pawsome gifts

What’s great with homemade hampers is that you can work to your own budget and decorate the hamper exactly how you like.

What to include in your gift hamper

Once you’ve decided on your hamper theme for that special someone, now's the time for the fun part – what to include in it!

At wilko, you have 1000s of different products to choose from, so take your time and fill your basket with a few items – the best thing is, we can then deliver it straight to your door, so you don’t have to brave the Christmas rush!

You can have so much fun putting together a gift hamper. For even more inspiration, here’s what we included in some of our favourite themed hampers:

Garden lover hamper

  • Hand tools gift set
  • Gardener's mug
  • Garden gloves
  • Seeds and bulbs
  • Mushroom decorations
  • Ceramic gift Star

Pamper hamper

  • Scented jar candle
  • Face scrub
  • Skin Therapy calming mask
  • Bamboo cellulite massager
  • Skin Therapy vitamin C moisturising cream
  • Skin Therapy skin cleanser
  • Skin Therapy skin wipes
  • Fruits red body mop
  • Ribbon pack

Whatever type of hamper you choose to make this Christmas, we’re sure the lucky person receiving it will love it! For more great Christmas gift ideas, visit us at Facebook, Instagram or X or TikTok.

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