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Quick and easy ways to decorate the Christmas table

Get the big day, without the big budget, with our ideas for setting the Christmas dinner table. From quick and easy co-ordinating tips to making your own centrepieces, we’ve got lots of little wins to make your Christmas table sparkle!

  • Rochelle - copywriter
  •  7min read
Quick and easy ways to decorate the Christmas table

Choose your theme

Start by deciding on your theme. Pick out colours from your overall Christmas decorations for a co-ordinated look. Or why not go for a rustic theme this year? It gives you a great reason to decorate the table with items you can find outside. Think pine cones, holly, berries and foliage.

Add a festive base with a Christmas tablecloth

Start with the foundation of the dinner table – the Christmas tablecloth and Christmas table runner!

Before you start thinking about all the accessories you’ll be adding to your table, you need a good base. Tablecloths are the perfect start, and because they’re available in so many different colours and designs you can really start setting the scene.

Red, gold or silver ones are perfect for traditional schemes, but classic white tablecloths are great for a timeless touch and can be used all year round. If you love your table and don’t want to cover it up, opt for a Christmas table runner instead. These can add just as much style as a tablecloth.

Add a few festive accessories

Bring your table theme together with a few festive accessories. Christmas charger plates are a great way to get a co-ordinated look without spending a fortune. Use these instead of place mats for some extra sparkle. They’re also perfect for adding a festive twist if you’re planning on using a dinnerware set you already have.

Oh, and don’t forget the Christmas crackers! Let’s face it, it’s just not Christmas without a paper hat and some cheesy jokes. Choose a design that fits with your overall theme, or keep the whole family happy with kids’ Christmas crackers that are packed with activities and toys they’ll love.

You could even try something a little different this year with our reusable fabric crackers. Fill each one with a treat, and when the festivities are over, pop them somewhere safe to reuse again next year.

Get the cutlery sorted

Make sure there’s enough cutlery to go round. What you’ll need will depend on what you’re cooking, but whether you’re planning a traditional Christmas dinner, or something a little different, make sure you’ve got enough for the starter, main and dessert.

If you’ve got the time and budget, wrap a napkin around each cutlery set for a cute festive display (take a look at ours for a little inspo).

As well as cutlery for the main event, make sure there’s plenty of serving spoons and carving knives, plus teaspoons for the all-important condiments.

Stock up on glassware

If everyone will be enjoying a Christmas tipple or two on the big day, make sure you’ve got enough flute glasses or wine glasses to hand. You’ll also need hi-ball glasses, and some festive tumblers for the little ones.

Dazzling centrepieces

You don’t need to spend lots of money to create an eye-catching Christmas table centrepiece. Just a few simple accessories can really give your Christmas table decorations a lift. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Fill a glass bowl or glass jar with a battery-operated candle or fairy lights, along with baubles that match your table theme. Place the glass jar inside a small wreath
  • Create a floral display with festive plants and flowers like poinsettias and ivy. Put items in and around the table or place one on each table setting
  • Use festive ornaments to add height to the table. A glitter stag, tall pillar candles or mini Christmas trees will work perfectly in the middle of the table
  • Drape a garland along the table, weaving it in and out of other ornaments
  • Light Christmas candles on the table and around the room for added atmosphere
  • Upcycle some old baubles and create your own centrepiece – if you’re not sure how, check out our ‘How to make your own Christmas baubles’ blog

The finishing touches

We’ve got lots of little wins to make your Christmas dinner a winner this year!

Napkin origami – the easy way

Lay out a pack of napkins flat on the table. Take a pint glass and place this on top of the napkin pack and gently twist the glass until the napkins twist too. You’ll be left with a pretty staircase effect on the napkins!

Make table name cards

Get the kids involved with making table name cards for each guest. Take some white card, cut into equal rectangles and fold in half. The kids can decorate one side with festive drawings and you can write the names on the other side. Lay out on the charger plates for guests to find their place at the table. Our wilko photo frame baubles are perfect to do this with as well. Open up and add personalised text, or even your favourite funny picture of your guest.

Give your chairs a makeover

Glam up your dining room chairs with our gold decorative roll. Take the 10m roll and divide into how many chairs you want to decorate. Weave in and out, or wrap around your chair, then tie in a big, oversized bow to complete the look.

DIY wine glass charms

Update your regular glassware by creating your own glass charms using mini baubles. Take any spare mini baubles and untie the string. Then take the string and wrap around the bottom of the stem of your wine glasses. Top tip – customise each one for each guest so they’re all different and no one gets their drinks mixed up.

Time to tuck in

Now all the hard work’s done, it’s time to tuck in! Just remember not to put too much pressure on yourself - your friends and family will always appreciate the effort gone into the big day.

And don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring a few bits with them for the dinner. It’s not a time for stressing, it’s a time for celebrating.

Hopefully we’ve given you plenty of inspiration to make the most of this year’s Christmas Day dinner. Why not spread a little Christmas magic and share your finished masterpieces with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? or TikTok. We’d love to see how you’re celebrating Christmas this year!