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How to set the mood for a perfect Christmas

It’s hard to explain that Christmassy feeling that we all love at this time of year. As the weather outside gets colder, we can start to get excited about the festive season and bring some warmth into our homes!

There are so many ways to bring some seasonal cheer to the latter end of the year, and we’ve found that using all five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch – in your Christmas planning can make your home as festive and inviting as possible.

Read on for some great suggestions on how to create that festive buzz and set the Christmas mood!

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How to set the mood for a perfect Christmas

A magical sight

The first of the five senses that your family and guests are likely to use when they enter your home is sight. Nothing sets the mood quite like a room filled with festive decorations, and you’re spoilt for choice with options to decorate your entire home!

Christmas trees

Your Christmas tree is the perfect festive centrepiece. There are loads of options in different heights and shapes, so choose a tree which suits your personality: big and bold or smaller and understated? Pre-lit, or a blank canvas for you to add your own lights?

Christmas trees are symbolic of the whole season, so take this opportunity to let your personality shine through. Don’t forget to get the kids involved with decorating it, which is sure to build their excitement for the upcoming season!

Decorative lights

Almost any item in your house can be given a Christmas lift with lights. Windows can be given sparkle with net lights, or classic string lights can be used on the tree, around doorframes, or even the outside of your house for maximum festive cheer.

To make a real seasonal statement, as well as be the envy of your neighbours, you could go all-out with a novelty Christmas inflatable or projector to make the outside of your house as festive as the inside!

Smells like Christmas

Breathe in that Christmas feeling by filling your home with stunning scents!

As part of your big Christmas clean, take advantage of air fresheners as a finishing touch, or add some ambience with a scented candle.

Your home furnishings can be extra-snuggly with minimum effort by using a nice fabric conditioner when you’re washing bedding and blankets, perfect for when the guests come round.

Your living areas at this time of year can be prone to moisture, especially if you’re expecting a crowd. An air purifier is a worthwhile bit of kit to have ticking over in the background, cleaning the air in your home and minimising any musty aromas!

Christmas Dinner

Taste, taste, taste!

Christmas is a time of giving, entertaining, and being with the ones we love – festive food and drink go hand in hand with these ideals.

It’s a time for family favourites, little indulgences and sharing a meal with friends.

However, the festive season is also a very busy time for many, so planning meals ahead can take a lot of stress out of entertaining a crowd this Christmas.

Appliances like slow cookers are great for getting dinner sorted ahead of time, able to create warming one-pot meals to share with family and friends around the dinner table.

For parties, set the mood with quality serving bowls for guests to help themselves, or keep food warm with dedicated hot plates.

Of course, don’t forget seasonal tipples like mulled wine in mugs or celebratory drinks in some beautiful glassware.

Seasonal sounds

Christmas songs, jingle bells, carols… hearing any one of these is sure to get your family into the Christmas spirit – hook up your favourite smart speaker to a festive playlist and soundtrack your season!

To keep outside noise to a minimum, upgrading your windows with a good set of blinds or curtains can help with sound reduction and insulation, as well as increase the ambience of your candles indoor lighting.

Let’s not forget our pets – they love Christmas too! If there’s one sound they love to hear at this time of year, it’s the satisfying shake of a treats bag! Show your furry friends some love with our dog and cat treats.

Pets at Christmas

Christmas feeling

Wrapping up warm and feeling snug is one of the most satisfying parts of winter, so why not indulge this Christmas with the softest of soft furnishings?

Nothing compares to the feeling of getting into a bed fitted with an electric blanket, so make bedtime something to look forward to with this winter essential.

Accessorising your space with blankets and cushions can also create a cosy environment for your family, perfect for movie nights or lazy afternoons.

This is the perfect time to get the kids involved with decorating and craft projects like personalised Christmas cards. With a range of creative toys and crafts, involving the little ones in your Christmas preparations will certainly get them excited for the season ahead, as well as give you some homemade items to decorate the house with!

Christmas Craft

We hope we’ve given you some good ideas to make your home more Christmassy than ever before!

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