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Ideas to keep your naughty elf busy this Christmas!

The arrival of the naughty elf can be exciting for kids but a little daunting for the parents! Don’t worry, we have a day-by-day guide of easy-to-do ideas to keep your naughty elf busy and the kids entertained this Christmas.

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Ideas to keep your naughty elf busy this Christmas!

Day One

Kick off the elf’s antics in style! They’ve just arrived so what better start than to have them appear from a delivery box? It’s a great way to mark the occasion for your kids, especially if the Christmas elf can bring a personalised note with them.

Elf Day One

Day Two

It’s the second day so time to get serious. This is a relatively simple one but lots of fun for the little ones. Simply stretch some Christmas wrapping paper across an open hallway and place the elf one side - just see how the kids react! Those naughty elves!

Elf Day Two

Day Three

The elves are getting to explore the house a bit more now. It’s good to see the climbing elves helping each other out whilst scaling the fireplace! This is another setup that’s easy to do with just a few sticky bows. The felt elf decorations are nice and lightweight, so they’ll stay stuck on the bows no bother.

Elf Day Three

Day Four

Uh-oh...the elves decided to get creative with the eggs! This is a nice easy one to do, all you need is a felt tip or permanent marker. You can decide to be as artistic as you like with your eggs. Maybe your elves will leave some pens out for the kids to have a go too?

Elf Day Four

Day Five

A nice and simple one here! We all love our Christmas lights, and the elves are no different. Wrap your elf in some battery-powered lights and place them in and around your festive decorations. See if the kids can spot them in the morning!

Elf Day Five

Day Six

They’re definitely getting cheekier by day six! It’s like they’ve created their own Christmas whiteboard! If you do this one, make sure to use whiteboard pens that can easily be wiped off your mirror.

Elf Day Six

Day Seven

It’s the end of the first week and the elves have definitely earned a break! Time for them to put their feet up and watch a Christmas classic with some wilko pick & mix. Which movie isn’t made better with that? Why not make the elves a tasty hot chocolate in their very own elf mug, too?

Elf Day Seven

Day Eight

It's getting closer to Christmas now, so the elves are starting to get organised. A bit of Christmas wrapping paper, some scissors, a bit of tape and you’re all set with this one. If you don’t want to waste paper, why not wrap them up in some reusable hessian gift wrap? Add some elf stickers for extra festive fun.

Elf Day Eight

Day Nine

The elves don’t need to be mischievous the whole time, they can help you get jobs done (in their own special way). We love this elf decoration idea...okay you may not want them to waste too much toothpaste, but we bet even the most reluctant brusher will want to get the job done when they see this.

Elf Day Nine

Day Ten

And after all that hard work, time for another break! This is another quick and easy one to set up - you can create a quick swing set from your Christmas wrapping paper rolls and some string.

Elf Day Ten

Day Eleven

It’s a classic but you can do this in a few minutes, which makes it a favourite (let’s not think about the clean up afterwards!). A little flour on the kitchen counter and you have a perfect elf snow angel. And don’t worry, we have plenty of Christmas cleaning products to get your surfaces back to their best!

Elf Day Eleven

Day Twelve

It looks as though this elf has helped himself to sweet treats and drinks...I guess it makes a change from the kids sneaking into the treat cupboard! Give them a comfy elf chair made from blox and a nice warm sweater – it’s getting cold out after all!

Elf Day Twelve

Day Thirteen

Unlucky for some, on day thirteen the elf has chosen to play a prank on the family! Just a couple of elf stickers or red-coloured adhesive make this quite a quick and easy one, which is helpful if you’re starting to feel a little fatigued with the elf tricks! Go for snowflake window stickers if you want to add to the festive fun.

Elf Day Thirteen

Day Fourteen

Time for the other Christmas toys to get their revenge! With just a simple board, elf toys and some string you can recreate a hilarious scene the kids are sure to love.

Elf Day Fourteen

Day Fifteen

Ah, who says a naughty elf can’t do something nice? Keep a few fried eggs from your wilko pick & mix so your elf can get frying! You could even get the kids’ Christmas cooking utensils out and pretend that the elf has been using them.

Elf Day Fifteen

Day Sixteen

We love two for the price of one deals, and a two-day activity for your elves is a great time saver! For today, get them planting some jelly beans in a little plant pot, and pop in a little sign to make it clear that you have to wait until tomorrow to see what comes out of the Christmas planter. Use a Christmas hanging planter if you don’t have a pot to hand.

Elf Day Sixteen

Day Seventeen

…and hey presto, a day later we’ve grown some candy canes! Two days done with half the effort! Don’t have Christmas candy canes? Just pop some Christmas lollipops and marshmallows in there instead.

Elf Day Seventeen

Day Eighteen

Who’s for a nice Christmas bubble bath! This is a good fun one that’s easy to set up, although not perhaps one to do if you need access to the sink! Maybe the naughty elf gets dried pretty soon after? Don’t forget to leave the elves some Christmas toiletries so they can get nice and clean!

Elf Day Eighteen

Day Nineteen

Strap yourself in, you’re in for a wild ride! The elves are doing something you should never do at home, but it’s always fun for them to play with some of the kids’ other Christmas toys. This is an easy one to set up as long as you don’t need to use the washing machine!

Elf Day Nineteen

Day Twenty

This is definitely fun for the elves, and probably for the kids, but less good for the clean up after! Still, it’s a simple and very effective one to set up, and one of our favourites!

Elf Day Twenty

Day Twenty-One

The big day’s getting close, so time for the elves to do a bit of good by baking some cakes. Adding some googly eyes to Christmas baking utensils and ingredients helps make the scene a lot more fun for the little ones. Do you think the elf will be any good at making a Christmas traybake? In need of some baking essentials? We’ve got a great Christmas baking sets and kits to choose from.

Elf Day Twenty-One

Day Twenty-Two

Excitement is building and the elves are feeling it. A small sled secured to your banister with some string creates a wild ride - your kids will love it when they see it!

Elf Day Twenty-Two

Day Twenty-Three

We’re so close now so time for the elves to play a little game with the kids. Place some treats (you may need to get some more wilko pick & mix for this) under the upturned cups and have the children pick out a surprise. It’s a great Christmas party game for little ones.

Elf Day Twenty-Three

Day Twenty-Four

It’s Christmas Eve! So, with their job done (and yours!) it’s time for the elves to pack up their things and head off to the North Pole for another year.

Now it’s time for your work (and fun) to really begin!

Happy Christmas!

Elf Day Twenty-Four

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