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How to make your own Christmas baubles

Fancy giving your tree a new festive style this year? Don’t fork out on a whole new set of decorations, make the magic go further this Christmas and revamp some of last year’s Christmas tree baubles. If you’ve got a box full of plastic baubles that are gathering dust, get creative and turn them into brand new white, gold or red baubles (or whatever colour you fancy!). Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

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How to make your own Christmas baubles

What you’ll need

Before you get started, here’s what you’ll need to get creative with your festive baubles:

Now you've got everything ready, it’s time for the fun part!


Start by preparing a work area that’s away from walls and objects. The best place is outdoors, but if this isn’t possible, make sure the area is well ventilated.

Grab your empty box and turn it upside down. Stick the wooden skewers through the box, making sure there’s enough for each bauble you’ll be working on. This will keep your baubles nice and secure as you work on them.

Next, give your baubles a good clean with the soap wipes and then dry them off with the microfibre cloth.

Take the tops off your baubles and pop them upside down on the wooden skewers.

Gather your primer, paints and masking tape and you’re ready to get creative!

Make your own Christmas baubles

Changing the base colour

Whether you want a new bauble colour or design, or you simply want to brighten up some faded favourites, changing the colour is easy. Firstly, get your primer out and give your baubles a good spray, being sure to cover them carefully and evenly, getting into any nooks and crannies. Then choose your colour and begin to apply the paint – we’ve chosen to give our old red baubles a sparkling gold refresh. Cover the bauble evenly, checking you’ve not missed any bits.

Make your own Christmas baubles

Pop the baubles back onto the skewers as you go and leave to dry.

Make your own Christmas baubles

If you’re happy with a single colour, finish off with some lacquer and your new baubles are ready for hanging!

Make your own Christmas baubles

Fancy a festive pattern? Follow the next step for an easy but fun design.

Layer with a pattern

If you want something that makes a bit more of a statement than a plain bauble, you can always design your own patterns.

Use painter’s tape to create a stencil for your design and apply this to your baubles before you start to paint (unless you’re confident enough to freestyle!).

Make your own Christmas baubles

Get your spray paint out again and spray the exposed area of the bauble with the second colour (we chose a white paint).

Place the baubles back on their wooden skewers and then remove the masking tape before the paint dries.

Leave to dry, then apply lacquer to finish.

When they’re dry add the bauble tops back on. They’re now ready to hang!

Make your own Christmas baubles

Create your own chalkboard baubles

Why not create a bauble you can personalise every year? These chalkboard baubles are easy to make, and you can really get creative with them.

Start by putting your old baubles on the skewers and spray with primer.

With the primer applied, spray them again with chalkboard paint, taking care to cover evenly all over. Leave to dry and then prepare to decorate!

Using chalk (or a special pen if you want something a little more permanent), write your own messages or add decorations to the baubles. This can be a great activity to get the rest of the family involved in too.

Make your own Christmas baubles

When you’re happy with your designs, pop the tops back on your baubles and hang from the tree.

Make your own Christmas baubles

Style your space

Of course, baubles don’t just have to be for the tree! Why not use them to create eye-catching Christmas decorations with Christmas lighting? Gather all your newly created baubles together and pop them in a clear vase. Weave some battery powered lights around them inside the vase and there you have it – a quick and easy way to make the magic go further this Christmas.

Make your own Christmas baubles

We’d love to see your bauble creations! Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok and we may feature you!

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