When to start cutting grass with Flymo

It’s almost time for our gardens to spring into life! With the first day of Spring fast approaching, we can wave goodbye to the long, wet winter and welcome warmer and lighter days. If your lawn is in desperate need of some TLC (tender lawn care, that is) and you’re wondering when to start cutting grass, Flymo is here to help with 5 tips to boss your First Cut Sunday!

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When to start cutting grass with Flymo

Save the date: Flymo’s dedicated team of lawn care experts recommend that your first cut of the year should be Sunday 24th March. By this point, any risk of frosts will (hopefully) be behind us, and the soil should have warmed up nicely to encourage new growth in your lawn. The upcoming ‘First Cut Sunday’ is the ideal time to wake up your lawn and kickstart healthy growth, ready for you to enjoy your garden! Flymo have offered 5 top tips for your first cut of the year to help you out this First Cut Sunday.

1. Timing is key

Your grass tends to enter its ‘dormant’ phase in winter, which is when it hunkers down and focusses its energy into conserving healthy roots during the cold winter. During this phase, your lawn growth will dramatically slow down and eventually stop growing completely until the soil warms up.

The beginning of Spring brings with it longer and warmer days, which will wake up your grass and start it growing again. Giving your lawn a fresh cut will further encourage it go start growing thicker and faster, as it’s probably quite groggy after sleeping for a few months!

2. Give your garden a spring clean

Let’s be honest, not many of us fancy doing garden maintenance when it’s cold and wet outside. It’s perfectly normal at this time of year for your garden to need a bit of a spring clean, so take some time to tidy up your lawn areas before getting the lawn mower out from storage.

Check for sticks, branches, or other debris that might have gathered around your lawn using a rake. This will help your lawn mower to cut more efficiently and avoids any risk of twigs damaging the blades.


3. Don’t cut wet grass

Although you may be chomping at the bit to get your First Cut Sunday underway, you should delay by a day or two if it’s raining.

Wet grass is more difficult to cut and can clog up your mower, making the whole process much more tedious than it needs to be. Excess moisture could also lead to damaging your lawn mower over time, so it’s always a good idea to cut your grass when it’s dry – not to mention that gardening in the rain isn’t much fun either!

4. Remember the one-third rule

Whenever you’re cutting grass, you should aim to cut no more than one third off its height. Cutting more than a third stresses out your lawn, leaving it unhealthy and prone to drying out, going brown, and looking a bit sad.

Keep your lawn happy by adjusting the height on your mower to follow the one-third rule, especially for the first cut after winter. You can then gradually reduce the height on the following cuts until your preferred lawn length is reached.

5. Don’t forget the edges

Once you’ve given your lawn its first fresh trim of the year, you should focus on the edges. Overgrown edges can make your lawn look untidy, which is a waste of your hard work on the lawn!

You can do this manually with shears, but a faster and more efficient option is to use your electric grass trimmer to carefully work along the edges of your lawn for a neat line and a showstopping lawn!


How to cut long grass

If your lawn is particularly long, it may be tricky task for your lawnmower – especially if you’re obeying the one-third rule! Avoid damaging your lawn and taking frequent trips to the compost heap by going over your long lawn with your trusty grass trimmer first, before using the lawn mower on the next pass.

Using your grass trimmer is also useful for any hard-to-reach spots that the lawn mower can’t reach.

How do I maintain my lawn mower?

It isn’t just your lawn that needs a little TLC – don’t forget the ‘tender lawnmower care’ too! As your lawn is dormant over winter, your lawn mower has probably had a bit of time off. Check over your lawn mower for damage before you use it, charge up the batteries if it has them, and check the blades to make sure they’re good to go.

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