A beginner’s guide to greenhouse growing

Do you fancy getting ahead on the growing season? No matter the size of your outdoor space, there’s a greenhouse for you. Here’s everything you need to start your greenhouse growing journey!

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A beginner’s guide to greenhouse growing

What’s a greenhouse for?

A garden greenhouse is a game changer when it comes to protecting your plants and extending your growing season.

A greenhouse protects your plants from frost, rain, and wind, so you can give your seeds & bulbs a head start in the safety of a greenhouse before moving outside once the weather warms up.

Greenhouses are naturally warmer than the air outside, so they’re perfect for growing warmer weather crops too! With a greenhouse, you can grow tropical fruit & veg like tomatoes, peppers, and melons which wouldn’t normally do so well outside.

If you want to start growing your own food, a greenhouse makes it so easy. Depending on the type, they can also be a cosy place for the gardener to enjoy their craft!

How does a greenhouse work?

A greenhouse uses the natural light from your garden to maintain a toasty temperature inside, which your plants will love. The glass panels absorb the light from the sun to create heat and retain it within the greenhouse – thanks, science!

Greenhouses also shelter your plants from the elements, as well as pests – especially important when they’re young and vulnerable. If you’re sick of seedlings being snapped up by pesky predators, a greenhouse can be a haven for your plants.

Types of garden greenhouses

From small wooden greenhouses for small spaces to large metal greenhouses for serious sowing, there’s a greenhouse for everyone!

Wooden greenhouse

A timber greenhouse or potting shed are classic choices for good reason. Wooden greenhouses complement the natural beauty of your garden and can become a beautiful feature amongst the trees and bushes.

They’re also durable garden buildings which can last for many years if they’re looked after properly. Simply top up with an exterior wood paint to protect the wood from the elements and keep it looking snazzy.

Wooden greenhouses are available in almost every size from compact to practically gigantic, with either glass or plastic windows to let the light in.

Aluminium greenhouse

If you want all the benefits of a greenhouse in a sturdy and low maintenance package, a metal greenhouse is the one for you! There’s a size for almost any garden, and thanks to their aluminium frames, these guys are a breeze to look after as well.

Aluminium greenhouses are naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, so all you need to do is keep the glass clean so your plants can reap the benefits of sunlight. Simply use a glass cleaner or soapy water with a cloth to get those panes sparkling.


Plastic greenhouse

Plastic greenhouses tend to be more affordable than wooden or metal ones, perfect for the price-conscious gardener.

They have the benefit of being lightweight and portable, perfect for rental homes or if you simply fancy a change. The outer covers are easy to replace too when the time comes!

Mini greenhouse

When you’re short on outside space, the aptly named mini greenhouse can come to the rescue! A lack of room shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of a greenhouse, and our mini greenhouses can easily be tucked away against the fence or on the patio to help you get those seedlings started.

Polytunnels & garden hoops

We love the excitement of planting veg and salad in the garden, but hate the heartbreak of having them eaten overnight. For plants that are prone to pests, using a polytunnel or garden hoops can help keep things protected, warm & cosy.

Polytunnels and garden hoops are essentially the same thing, just different sizes. Polytunnels have doors so you can wander in, whilst garden hoops are smaller if you don’t have the space.

Cold frames

Think of a cold frame as a handy little cupboard for your plants. They’re especially good for ‘hardening off’ plants, gradually getting them used to the air outside instead of the warmth of a greenhouse or your home.


Where should I put my greenhouse?

As your greenhouse relies on sunlight to maintain its temperature, you should pop yours somewhere that gets plenty of light all day. Popping it next to a wall or a fence can also help protect it against cold winds.

Keep an eye on overhanging branches, as these can stop the light from getting to your greenhouse and potentially damage it if they were to fall off! Use loppers for branches or garden shears for bushes.

In the height of summer, airing out your greenhouse is important. Your plants may love some warmth and humidity, but if it gets too hot, they’ll become quite unhappy. Many timber and metal greenhouses have windows that you can open, or you can simply keep the door ajar when you’re outside enjoying the fresh air.

What else do I need for my greenhouse?

Now you’ve got your greenhouse, it’s time to get planting! Here are some essential bits and optional added extras that you can use to kickstart your greenhouse growing:

  • Seed trays: you use these for starting your seeds, whether they’re flowers or fruit, before potting them into…
  • Plant pots: grab a few different sizes so you have options
  • Compost: it’s the life of your garden, giving your plants the nutrients they need to grow big & strong. Grab a potting mix for seeds and multi-purpose compost for general use
  • Watering can: don’t let your plants go thirsty
  • Potting bench: if you have the space, why not treat yourself to a useful organiser where you can work and store everything?
  • Deck chair: for relaxing after a hard day’s work!

Just like that, you’re ready to upgrade your growing season with a greenhouse! We’d love to see your growing journey – get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram or X or TikTok.