Kitchen styling made easy

Once you’ve measured your space, it’s time for the fun bit: designing your kitchen! We’ve made it easy to piece together your perfect kitchen with high-quality and affordable kitchen units & everything you need to make your kitchen work around you. Read on for inspiration to help you design your ideal kitchen space!

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Kitchen styling made easy

Kitchen styles

Firstly, it’s time to decide on a style. With wilko kitchens, you can choose from 6 distinctive styles in a variety of beautiful colourways to find your perfect look:

  • Shaker: this style has a recessed centre panel for a classic look, available in 4 matt colours and 7 woodgrain effect colours for a charming appearance
  • Slab: sometimes simplicity is key, and our Slab design features simple flat surfaces and handles of your choice to fit in with any kitchen space, available in matt & gloss
  • J Pull: take your kitchen to a new level with sleek, minimalist lines, no handles, and a great selection of matt & gloss finishes
Kitchen units

Sturdy & reliable kitchen cabinets

Your cabinets are the foundation of your kitchen, keeping your groceries well-organised and kitchen cookware close at hand.

  • Base units: choose from classic cupboards to clever dynamic corner cupboards with pull-out shelves to make the most of your storage
  • Wall units: great for glasses, mugs, and hiding chocolates from prying hands!
  • Appliance units: made to house your oven or fridge/freezer, with great options across both to tidy your space
  • Tall kitchen cabinets: make the most of smaller kitchens by using the height of your room to increase storage

All our wilko kitchen units offer brilliant value for money and high quality thanks to their 18mm MFC edges & back panels, so you can rely on them for strength & durability – just what’s needed when you’re cooking up a storm!

Our kitchen cabinet doors are also colour-matched on the reverse, so your kitchen looks good both inside and out. The devil’s in the details, after all!

Kitchen units

Don’t forget the kitchen drawers

Your kitchen drawers aren’t just for cutlery, they’re an efficient use of space in your kitchen! There are various styles of drawers to choose from, like shallow drawers to deep drawers and combinations of both.

When you’re trying to decide which kitchen drawers to go for, have a think about what you’ll be storing in them. For instance, cutlery and utensils can fit in shallow drawers (check out our cutlery trays for helpful organising), as can food items like spice jars. Deep drawers suit themselves to cookware, cleaning products, and plates & bowls.

You’ll be pleased to know what all the wilko kitchens cabinets & drawers come with soft close – no more slamming!

Kitchen lighting

Lighting your kitchen properly can make such a difference! Our range of kitchen lighting features LED downlights and strip lights to make sure you can see what you’re doing. A combination of the 2 can work quite well, adding to the ambience of the space whilst brightening up dark corners.

We love strip lights for their ease of use, which look great underneath your wall units.

Kitchen units

The finishing touches


Your kitchen worktops are the base for meal prep, bread kneading, cookie cutting, cuppa making, and so much more. Choose from oak worktops for a traditional look, marble worktops for a sleek finish, or stone worktops in different colours


When you’re redoing your kitchen, don’t do everything but the kitchen sink… you should sort that too! Your sink is the most used area in your kitchen, so take some time to make sure you have one which fits your needs


What good is a sink without a tap? Your kitchen taps can be stylish as well as functional, with chrome and brass options and a whole host of designs


It’s time for the icing on the cake: kitchen accessories! Here you’ll find handles, cutlery trays, pull-out bins, and all sorts of clever upgrades to make your kitchen work around you

Kitchen splashbacks

Kitchens can be messy places sometimes – protect your walls with kitchen splashbacks, great for catching stray spills and stains whilst adding to your kitchen’s style. We love multi-purpose!

How to measure your kitchen guide

With such a variety of great quality and value kitchens to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice in making your dream kitchen a reality.

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