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A guide to outdoor lighting

Adding some garden lighting to your outdoor space can really help extend your evenings in the garden - it'll also create a cosy sanctuary and add personality in an instant.

  • Clare - copywriter
  •  8min read
Garden décor ideas on a budget

Solar vs battery

Solar lights are a real fuss-free option when it comes to lighting. Simply place them in the sun to charge and they'll automatically turn on once it gets dark. Easy!

If you want instant lighting without relying on the sunshine, then battery powered might be the best option for you. Having battery-powered lights outside is perfectly safe, just make sure that the battery pack is secure and damage-free so no rainwater gets in.

If you like to rely on the ever-faithful electrical plug, then there’s no reason you can’t plug in string lights to an indoor power outlet. You’ll probably need an extension lead so you can get your lights where you need them. Just make sure the extension lead socket remains inside.

Choosing your lights

There are so many ways you can light up your garden. Let’s take a look at what’s available...

String lights

Pop string lights onto your fences and arches, and if they’re long enough, try to sit them across the length of your fence to create a neat and cosy feel. Choose from a range of different styles, including butterflies and mini lightbulb designs.

If you’re using solar lights, be sure to pop the solar panel in a place that gets loads of light for maximum effect.

Hanging lights

Post lights

Post lights are great for lighting the way on paths and walkways, creating the perfect feature in any outdoor space.

Top tip – when hanging string lights in your garden, use the Command outdoor range. They’ll easily and securely fix to a range of surfaces.

Post Lights


Create a super cosy feel by placing lanterns in and around your garden. Choose different sized lanterns for real personality. Solar lanterns are so convenient – they’ll just automatically turn on when the sun goes down. There’s nothing stopping you using lanterns with real candles or LEDs inside. And talking of LED candles, scatter some across your outdoor table and around your patio area to create a pretty ambience.

Sensor lights

If you want your lights to come on automatically and light up your garden in an instant, then sensor lights will do the job. Although mostly used for security, the bright lights will make sure your whole garden will stay lit when needed.

Sensor lights

Fire pits and chimineas

A fire pit can really add the wow factor to your outdoor space. Not only will it add heat, but the fire will also add light. Fire pits are a great talking point and perfect for gathering friends and family around on an evening to toast marshmallows. Always remember, great care should be taken around open flames, so make sure children, pets and flammable items are kept at a safe distance.

Chimineas are similar to a fire pit, but the fire is all contained inside the chiminea, with a chimney for the smoke. As well as adding heat and light, they’re the perfect ornament for your garden. Don’t forget the wood and kindling to get the fire going.

We hope that gives you plenty of ideas to get the garden looking light and bright in the evening!

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