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Spruce up your doors with new door handles and hinges and add extra security to your home with door locks, chains and bolts

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Spruce up your doors and get your home secure and safe with our range of door handles, hinges and door locks. When it comes to your doors, we have a huge range of door handles and door knobs to replace those tired-looking ones.

Do your kitchen cupboards need a freshen up? How about changing the handles and knobs on them? You’ll be amazed at the difference they can make.

If you have heavy doors and would like them propped open instead of swinging shut, how about a simple door stop? They’re perfect for summertime when you want to let all that fresh air flow through the house. Door protectors will keep them looking their best too.

Secure internal doors and add extra protection to your property with door locks and catches. Door latches will add an instant locking function to your doors, so you won’t ever forget to lock your front door!

If your door hinges are looking rusty, we have a range of quality hinges to get your door swinging freely again. They’ll work for gates too. And talking of gates, make sure yours is secure with a new gate bolt. Chains are perfect for adding security to the inside of main doors, and they’re ideal for student houses and shared accommodation. We’ve got everything to help spruce up a door – even a letterbox to replace your worn one.