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With everything from saws and drills to sanders and angle grinders, we’ll help you get the job done with our range of power tools

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Take DIY to the next stage with our range of power tools. Whether you’re a professional or everyday DIYer, we’ve all the power tools for every job. Choose from our cordless power tools range to help finish your project - from maintenance jobs to fun crafting.

We have drills, perfect for hanging mirrors or fixing in a new washing line. And our saws are perfect for fixing and creating, whether cutting a new picture rail or making your own garden bench. And when you’re prepping for a paint job, our electric sanders will take hours off the sanding. If you’re cutting metal, aluminium, concrete, bricks, pavers, wood, and other dense materials, then our angle grinders will come in handy.

Our planers will help with the woodwork tasks, whether making a door fit or crafting yourself a cabinet. And when it comes to stapling in material for those upcycling jobs, we have heavy duty staplers to help get the job done.

A glue gun is perfect for crafting and DIY projects. You can achieve precise and accurate glue control, whether fixing a broken drawer or crafting.

Strip paint the easy way with our range of heat gun. Just use a scraper as you go along to help the paint lift away. Heat guns are perfect for thawing frozen metal pipes too.