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Screws, Nails & Fixings

Keep the toolbox topped up with those all-important screws, nails and fixings to tackle any DIY project around the home and garden

When it comes to DIY projects around the home and garden, having the right screws, nails and fixings for the job is essential. From hooks for hanging pictures to nails for re-roofing the shed, make sure your toolbox is topped up with everything you need.

Looking to add some extra storage around the home? Hooks are a quick and easy way to do this and require minimal DIY experience. We've got handy hooks for brooms, coats, kitchen utensils, rucksacks and more. Try Command hooks for a damage-free hanging option. They remove cleanly, making them ideal for rented or student accommodation.

If your next DIY project involves screws, make sure you've got the right wall plugs to get the job done safely. We've got a whole range of wall fixings so you can securely attach anything from pictures to TV brackets onto the wall.

Planning projects in the garden? Whether you're covering fruit and veg with protective garden netting or building wire fencing, our range of heavy duty staples will help you secure things easily and safely