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Whether you’re fixing or crafting, get all the hand tools for the job, with everything from screwdrivers and spanners to measuring tools and allen keys


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Whether you’re hanging a mirror or fixing together that flatpack furniture, we have all the hand tools for those DIY jobs including screwdrivers and clamps and vices. And if you like crafting, our hand tools can help kickstart your fun project.

You might be unscrewing your cupboard ready to upcycle it, fitting new door handles for a fresh new look or assembling the kids swing in the garden; whatever your DIY task, you’ll need quality screwdrivers to get the job done.

Grip, fasten, turn, tighten and loosen pipes, pipe fittings, nuts and bolts with our range of quality wrenches and spanners. Choose from a range of sizes.

When crafting and DIYing, a tape measure is an essential. It’ll come in handy when decorating, and when putting up bathroom cabinets and mirrors, you’ll need to measure them and know they’re the right size before you get drilling.

When tiling your own bathroom, there will come the time when tiles need to be cut to fit your wall. So, you’ll need a tile cutter for a flush and clean cut. And when you’re mending the garden bench, a saw will come in handy when cutting the new wood to replace the rotten or damaged piece.

Fix fabric into place and secure fixings with a staple gun. Staple guns can be used for a whole host of activities and jobs including upholstery, woodwork and furniture building. They’re used by professionals too when fastening floors or fixing roofs.

And don’t forget your trusty allen key too. It’ll come in handy when putting together and taking down the flatpack furniture