Secure your home with quality door furniture and home security and complete those DIY projects with brackets and all the fixings you’ll need.

Cleaning preparation counts for a lot in any DIY task. If you get all the necessary tools and products, prep your area and get all the right safety equipment, you’re bound to get through without any hiccups and have a more successful, professional-looking job when it’s finished.

If you’re carrying out a painting or decorating job, make sure you prepare the area with dust sheets to protect the carpets and furniture. It might be a good idea to take down curtains if you can’t fix a dust sheet effectively. Once the area is looking secure, turn the attention to yourself with a quality dust mask. This will help protect from paint fumes and harmful dust.

When you’re starting your paint job, nobody wants to be greeted with paint brushes that are way past their best, so make sure you’ve enough brushes for the job – opting for different sizes and multiple brushes in case you’re using different paint colours on the one project. Quality brushes won’t leave bristles in your paint and will help apply the paint much easier, and it’s the same with rollers too. Make sure you have enough for the job at hand.

We have all the wallpaper preparation tools, decorating equipment and grouting tools you could possibly need, including scrapers to get to that stubborn paper and retractable knives and putty knives, as well as pointing trowels to help you get that tiling done.