Power Tool Accessories

Refresh your toolbox and get ready for your next DIY project with everything from drill bits and saw blades to sanding sheets and angle grinder discs

Make sure you’ve got all the extras for your power tools with everything from drill bits to staples. With our huge range of drill bits, you're sure to find the right one for your DIY project. Ideal for drills and power screwdrivers, our metal drill bits allow you to complete your job like a pro, and at wilko, we have drill bits in all sizes to accommodate.

When it’s time for your next DIY job, make sure you’re working with a fresh and sharp blade on your saw. Our range of saw blades are ideal for your hacksaw, coping saw, jigsaw or bow saw. No-one wants a blunt cutting wheel when they're starting or in the middle of a DIY project, which is why replacement saw blades should be tool shed staples.

Sanding down your garden bench or internal doors ready for painting? Do it the quick way with an electric sander. Make sure you’ve a range of different sanding sheets with different grit levels depending on how thick the paint is and how uneven your door surfaces are.

When it comes to grinding, cutting and polishing metal, aluminium, concrete, bricks, wood and other dense materials, make sure you have a quality angle grinder in the tool shed. An angle grinder will sand and polish different surfaces, so it’s great for a range of jobs. Make sure you have replacement cutting discs to keep your angle grinder at its best.