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How to create a flower wall in your garden

Garden in need of a spruce up? No matter the size of your outside space, the addition of plant pots and flowers can make all the difference, and a flower wall can be a great space saver. Follow our easy steps to create a flower wall for an instant colour boost.

  • Clare - copywriter
  •  7min read
How to create a flower wall in your garden

Make your walls and fences bloom

It’s easy to make a wall or trellis spring to life with some beautiful flowers. Hanging flowerpots on a wall or garden fence can save you some much-needed space in the garden and create a unique outdoor display. Here’s how it’s done...

Creating a fence display

You'll need:

  • Several Clever Pots Hanging Pots – these are specially designed to hang from fence panels and balconies without needing any fixings – that's a little win!
  • Compost
  • Flower seeds of your choice – be sure to check the best time of year to plant your flower seeds to get a successful bloom – they all differ!

Position your pots across the top of your fence. How many you use and the distance between them is entirely up to the display you want to make.

When you’ve created the layout you’re happy with, choose your plants and get sowing! It couldn’t be simpler!

Creating a wall display

Want to create a flower display on a wall? This can be a little trickier but with Clever Pots wall brackets, you’ll be done and admiring your flower wall in no time!

You'll need:

  • Clever Pots wall brackets
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Clever Pots – 20cm
  • Compost
  • Flower seeds and/or bulbs of your choice

Mark out where you want your pots to hang and follow the instructions on the wall brackets. Fill your 20cm Clever Pots with soil, add in the seeds and pop your pots on the bracket. Voila! You could mix it up with hanging baskets too for an extra colour boost.

Clever Pots Hanging Pots are ideal for decorative plants so are perfect for creating a beautiful garden arrangement and a talking point in your outdoor space. There’s a small reservoir in the bottom of each Clever Pot hanging pot too, which means you won’t have to water your plants as often – that's a little win!

Don’t neglect your drainpipes!

You don’t have to save all this flower goodness for your walls and fences – you can show your drainpipes some love too. If you don’t fancy getting a drill out, or perhaps you have hedges instead of fences or a wall, a drainpipe can give you a great chance to pretty things up and add some colour to your garden. With a bit of clever thinking, it’s easy to turn ugly drainpipes into a pretty garden display.

All you need to do to give your drainpipes a glow-up is connect a Clever Pots Drain Pipe Pot Holder. Clip on your potholder, and then drop in a matching Clever Pots Downpipe Plant Pot and you’re ready to go!

(We’d recommend fitting only one pot per pipe, depending on your existing pipe fittings, its age and condition, and if it gets windy out, we’d suggest removing the pot from the holder until it calms down outside a bit!)

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