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Superfresco Wallpaper

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For the ultimate finish for your new decor, what better than Superfresco wallpaper? Available in a stunning range of designs, from bold and contemporary to subtle and traditional, there's something for every home and interior design scheme. You'll even find Superfresco paintable wallpaper which allows you to add the perfect texture to your walls before you paint them. For example, the brick-textured wallpaper creates the look and feel of a rustic wall which you can paint with subtle shades of cream wall paint or grey wall paint for the ultimate finish. And for less mess and hassle (no need for pasting tables!), there's Superfresco easy wallpaper which allows you to paste directly onto the wall.
1 products found
Superfresco Aurora Black and Grey Wallpaper Image
Superfresco Aurora Black and Grey Wallpa...
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