Family Of Businesses
Family Of Businesses

There’s a lot more to wilko

We’re not just a family-owned business, we’re a family of businesses – and there’s more to wilko than our shops. To free ourselves up to focus on product and digital development, we’ve reorganised our business and created a wilko family of businesses.

Wilkinson Hardware Stores Limited

Our heritage name, it’s been with us since 1930 and we’re fond of it. Our holding company focuses us on our customers, makes sure we care for our team members, runs our brand and our strategy and provides key business services such as communications, IT, legal and finance to support the wilko family of businesses.

wilko Limited

Our wilko stores and distribution centres.

wilko Property Limited

Manages our properties. Limited stays connected with customers and means you can shop wilko online.

wilko Worldwide Limited

Finding the right manufacturing capability for our product.

Kin Limited

Kin is a consumer goods company designing and producing sustainable products for our house of home and garden product brands.