Corporate social responsibility

Doing the right thing

Little wins that make a world of difference.

The things we see and hear happening around us should really make us think about how we’re treating the world – and how we can make a positive difference, both at work and at home.

If we make the right choices now, as a brand and as people, all the little things we do can really add up to making a big difference.

These choices are essential not only for business growth, but also for our future. Every day, up and down the country, we help customers get their jobs done in their homes and gardens. And we want to do it in a way that’s as ethical, sustainable and responsible as possible. We’re firm believers in the power of little. Through little wins for our families, communities and the planet, we can achieve something we can all be proud of.

This isn’t a new idea for wilko. We’ve been working hard to be socially responsible for over 90 years.

Under Tony Wilkinson’s leadership in the 70s, we supported local businesses in the community. In the 80s, he also led wilko to create an employee benefit trust to help team members with bursaries and university grants.

More recently, wilko became the first retailer to make its entire range of wipes plastic-free. We’ve made a difference in the past and the present, and we’re not going to stop any time soon. But we won’t change the world overnight. Progress takes time. That’s why at wilko we’re all about little wins that add up to a world of difference. Whether it’s a new charitable initiative, environmental scheme or cutting waste in our supply chain, we’re doing what we can to be better. Little wins are positive little changes and actions. They are new products and ethical solutions, money raised and donations made, waste reduced and trees planted. They don’t have to be enormous, but they are important. Because we believe lots of little wins can really make a difference.

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What does 'little wins' mean?

For our families

For our families

From creating a great place to work to helping families live a little better, we’re doing what we can to be a socially responsible brand. From reducing waste to slashing carbon footprints, we want to make a difference in people’s homes and gardens. We’re doing this through a broad range of initiatives across the business, including:

  • Providing ethical and sustainable products
  • Helping reduce our carbon footprint and packaging waste
  • Celebrating diversity through inclusive marketing and products
For Our Communities

For our communities

We want to play an active role in the community and we are proud to work together with local groups to make a difference. This involves:

  • Helping communities through initiatives
  • Donating products to local communities
  • Supporting national activities to reduce, reuse and recycle
For Our Planet

For our planet

We love our planet. That’s why we’re taking a hard look at how we operate as a business. We’re fostering a responsible culture of respect and doing what we can to cut waste and carbon emissions. This includes:

  • Building an ethical supply chain with zero tolerance for modern slavery
  • Supporting the British Retail Consortium (BRC) by launching a wilko net zero carbon 2040 plan
  • Developing a wilko zero waste plan
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