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Your top 5 rated cleaning products

Cleaning the home is often something we’d rather get done with as little fuss as possible. If we can find something that helps us get the job done quicker or easier - then even better!

We’ve rounded up your favourite things that help you whizz through the chores, so you can get back to doing whatever it is you enjoy the most.

From top notch window cleaners to fab floor cleaners, here’s your top five cleaning products to get the home sparkling from top to bottom.

  • Rochelle - copywriter
  •  5min read
Your top 5 rated cleaning products

1. Flash Speedmop starter kit

Keep floors sparkling the hassle-free way. Hard floors seem to attract dirt and dust on a daily basis. When the vacuuming’s done, quickly get rid of stubborn stains with a Flash Speedmop floor cleaner. Unlike a steam mop, there’s no trailing cable, and you won’t have to carry a heavy bucket full of dirty water around either.

Dirt is trapped and locked deep into the cloth, and it’ll leave behind a fresh lemon scent too! When you’re done, simply peel the dirty pad off the floor scrubber and throw away.

Here’s what you think:

“So quick! This week my son has been poorly, so I've neglected the housework. Fast forward to today and I desperately needed to clean. Within 3 minutes I had dry swept the floor - it picks up ALL the dog hair, and we have a pug so THATS A LOT OF HAIR, and then used the wet refill to mop. Whole kitchen done in under 5 minutes”

2. wilko original white vinegar spray

When it comes to cleaning, sometimes the tried and tested traditional methods are the best, and our white vinegar spray cleaner is loved for cleaning all around the home.

White vinegar is a natural and chemical free cleaner. It’s safe to use all around your home with no nasty toxic chemicals or unwanted fumes. This multipurpose cleaner can be used to clean hundreds of household items including surfaces, taps, hobs, windows, glass, mirrors, oven doors, shower screens and washing machine seals. Phew! It’ll also remove limescale from kettles and makes a great stain remover for clothing too! Run out of rinse aid for your dishwasher or fabric softener for your washing machine? Yes, it can help there too. Pop a cap of white vinegar into the drawer instead!

What do you think?

“Brilliant cleaner cannot recommend this product enough - it is brilliant and safe to clean and use all over the house with loads of other uses - really quick and easy delivery - love shopping with wilko!!!”

3. wilko plastic-free wipes

If you’ve got unexpected guests, or the home just needs a quick spruce-up, our cleaning wipes are perfect. Use our plastic-free kitchen wipes to hygienically clean surfaces, get rid of the odd spill or stain on flooring with our floor cleaning wipes, or restore mirrors back to their best with our glass wipes. All our wipes are plastic-free, vegan friendly and kill 99.9% of bacteria too – that's a little win!

You’re saying...

“Excellent product I have been using these for a while now and have found them to be much better than the well-known brands. They have a gorgeous smell and leave a streak free finish as well as fighting bacteria and viruses. Best you'll ever use”

4. Lenor Outdoorables fabric conditioner

Show your laundry some love with Lenor Outdoorables fabric softener. It’s great for giving your clothes a gorgeous fresh scent, even on those dreary days when you’ve got to do the drying indoors.

The ultra-concentrated clothes conditioner means you can get more washes from a smaller bottle too. And it’s great for protecting your clothes from bobbling, fading and stretching in the wash – that's a little win!

We love it...and so do you!

“The strongest scent I’ve ever used on my washing This really does what it says on the bottle, I use this with every wash and the clothes smell amazing and keeps for days, I’ve had a lot on compliments on the smell of my washing since using this”

5. wilko grid airer

How many times have you taken a load of clean washing out of the machine only for it to start chucking it down? If you’ve not got a tumble dryer, it’s suddenly a mission to hunt down some drying space.

It’s no wonder our grid airer is so popular in homes with limited space. Small items like socks and underwear can be pegged onto the clothes airer using your own pegs, leaving you with more space to dry bigger items on your normal airer. This award-winning laundry drying rack attaches to doors, chairs, cupboards – wherever you’ve got the space!

Here’s what you think...

“Great little airer I bought this a few months ago after getting so frustrated at the little pegs constantly breaking on the usual flimsy kind you can buy with pegs already attached. This is amazing it's really robust, you can fit loads on there and you use your own pegs so no breakages! You can hang it just about anywhere too I love it.”

What are you cleaning must-haves to get the home sparkling from top to bottom?

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