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Get floors sparkling with these handy helpers for every type of flooring including vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, brushes, mops and buckets


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Get floors sparkling all around your home with our range of floor cleaning essentials. Find everything you need to clean wooden floors, laminate floors, tiled floors, carpets, rugs and more.

Looking for a new vacuum cleaner? Our range will help you get your floors back to their best and pick up dirt, dust and crumbs with ease. Choose from cordless vacuum cleaners and cylinder vacuum cleaners as well as handheld vacuum cleaners for on-the-spot cleaning.

If your hard floors need a freshen up, take a look at our steam cleaning range. Steam mops are easy to use and will deep clean hard floors, killing up to 99% of bacteria and viruses at the same time! If you prefer traditional cleaning, take a look at our mops and buckets. Simply add hot water and floor cleaner and you're good to go!

Don't forget to keep a sweeping brush or broom handy for quick clean-ups in between the deep clean. A dustpan and brush is ideal for picking up crumbs and debris that the kids leave behind!