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A guide to the perfect laundry

We have all the tips and tricks you need for the perfect wash. Let’s face it, there’s no better feeling than putting on clean clothes and getting into a freshly made bed!

  • Clare - copywriter
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A guide to the perfect laundry

Before the wash

Storing your dirty laundry in one place helps create a tidy home and helps make the washing easier when it comes to laundry day. From traditional wash baskets to ottomans, we have a great range of storage that can be used for washing.

Top tip: have a basket for colours and a basket for whites so you have them ready to go.

The wash

Nobody wants shrunken clothes, so make sure you choose the right water temperature and setting for the type of clothes you’re putting on. If you’re putting whites on, check for rogue black socks – nobody wants their whites going off!

If you’re planning on putting whites and colours at the same time, simply pop in a colour catcher with your wash.

Top tip: check the tags of your clothes to make sure they’re machine-wash friendly.

What you need for perfect laundry:

Top tip: Use scent boosters for an amazing smell

What’s the difference between bio and non-bio?

Biological detergents contain enzymes that are more effective at breaking down stains than non-bios. Biological detergents work at lower temperatures than non-bio detergents. People who tend to wash at lower temperatures or use a quick wash cycle on their washing machine should use bio detergents. Did you know our biological products even work at 20 degrees?

Non-bio is better for people who have sensitive skin as there are no enzymes. Therefore, when using non-bio you’ll need to wash at a higher temperature if you have tough stains to allow the detergent to do its job properly.

Loading the washing

Drying your washing

Now that the wash is done, it’s time to dry your laundry. There are plenty of ways you can do this, with or without a tumble dryer. Unluckily, during the winter months, we can’t always pop our washing outside to dry, but there’s nothing to say we can’t use a clothes horse inside and prop it near a radiator. Here are the essentials you need:

Benefits of drying outside:

  • If you're trying to reduce your energy use or costs, drying your clothes outside rather than in the dryer is a great way to do so
  • Sunlight is a natural sanitising and bleaching agent, and line drying keeps your clothes in better condition than drying them in a machine
  • Clothes dried outside smell fresh and wonderful!
Hanging washing

Ironing out those creases

Now that our laundry is dry and smelling great, we need to get it looking presentable and ready to wear.

Getting the creases out of your laundry is easy and we have everything you need for it:

Top tip: leave laundry hung up in the bathroom and the creases may naturally drop out themselves.


Putting it all away

Now it’s time to store our clean laundry. From folding seasonal clothes away to creating more wardrobe space, we’ve got some ideas to free-up some extra space.

If there are clothes that you’re not wearing because they’re out of season, why not box them up or vacuum pack them and pop them under your bed? Ottomans make great stylish storage options too.

If you’re running out of room in your wardrobe, get yourself a secondary clothing rail. It sits inside your wardrobe, giving you a whole extra rail to hang your clothes. Clothing organisers are great ways to organise outfits - helping you get ready much quicker in the morning!

Some extras you need to help you organise your clothes:

Top tip – it sounds like an obvious one but fold your clothes perfectly before putting them away to avoid creasing.

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