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How to clean the traditional way

When it comes to cleaning, you can't beat tried and tested methods, and if you like to clean the traditional way, you’ll love the Original range from wilko...it ticks so many boxes. This great value cleaning range is 100% natural, and provides powerful yet non-toxic cleaning, making it safe to use across your home.

  • Clare - copywriter
  •  7min read
How to clean the traditional way

Cleaning with soda crystals

This 100% natural, non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner is ideal for your home, garden and laundry. It helps remove stains, grease and oil from household surfaces and fabrics, helps tackle stubborn burnt-on food from pots and pans, and keeps sinks and drains blockage free! It’s useful in the garden too, removing moss and algae from patios and garden furniture. Not only that – it's also a natural deodoriser!

Did you know...? Before the invention of modern washing powder, soda crystals were the most popular product to use for cleaning clothes. They’re great at cutting through tough stains and dirt.

Top tip: Clean away burnt-on food in ovens and microwaves by sprinkling soda crystals inside, then use a sponge soaked in warm water to lift away stubborn grease

Cleaning with bicarb

This natural and fragrance-free stain remover is powerful on stubborn stains and it’s non-toxic, so it can be used throughout your home.

The mild-abrasive cleaner is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as aluminium, chrome, stainless steel and tin, making it ideal for many surfaces like cooker tops, sinks, tiles and floors. Bicarb is an effective deodoriser too, so it’s ideal for removing odours from carpets, upholstery, fridges, bins and even drains.

Top tip: Use bicarb as a carpet freshener. Remove odours and freshen carpets by sprinkling on bicarb, leave overnight then vacuum up. Freshen up your fridge by popping in a pot of bicarb - odours will be absorbed, eliminating nasty food smells.

Cleaning with citric acid

Citric acid is a 100% natural cleaner and can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks. It’s perfect for limescale that’s often found around taps, baths and showerheads. Citric acid is a great all-purpose descaler and is also great at removing stubborn water marks from shower screens. And it can even help tackle dirt on the grout between your tiles – that’s a little win!

Did you know...? Citric acid can be used on your laundry. Use instead of fabric conditioner to help keep towels soft and fluffy!

Top tip: Citric acid is especially ideal for hardwater areas, which are prone to limescale. If your showerhead is looking like it could do with a clean, simply soak your showerhead in a solution of citric acid and hot water, leave for 10mins and rinse.

Cleaning with white vinegar

It’s a food cupboard staple to some…but you can do much more with white vinegar than pickling onions! White vinegar is a 100% natural multi-purpose cleaner, perfect for fabrics and surfaces. It can be used to remove grease and stains from clothing and hard surfaces, and also helps tackle limescale. Want brilliantly shined windows and mirrors? Just use white vinegar!

Top tip: In your dishwasher, use white vinegar instead of rinse aid to keep glasses smear free and sparkling – it’ll also keep your dishwasher clean and odour free too!

Cleaning with liquid soda crystals

When it comes to wilko Original soda crystals, there’s no need for loads of multi-purpose cleaners clogging up your cupboard. The ready-to-use soda crystals are ideal for many cleaning jobs around the home. This natural stain remover gets rid of grease and grime quickly and effectively and can be used on almost all hard surfaces, bringing out a sparkling shine. The non-abrasive cleaner is perfect for use on surfaces that are prone to scratching easily like laminate flooring and stainless steel.

Top tip: Ideal for cleaning even delicate surfaces such as stainless steel, ceramic and glass. It’s also tough on grease and grime – a great cleaning cupboard essential!

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