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How to refresh any room in a weekend

Does the bedroom need a refresh? Is the kitchen looking unloved? Or could the bathroom do with a mini makeover? Whichever room is next on your decorating to-do list, we’ve got lots of little wins to help you get it sorted in just a weekend! Take a look at our tips and tricks to see how you can refresh your home for 2022 with the wilko paint colour chart, alternatively, browse the 2022 Interactive Paint Colour Chart version.

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How to refresh any room in a weekend

Easy peasy wallpaper

With our range of Easy wallpaper, it’s never been, well...easier, to hang wallpaper! It’s a great option if you’re a beginner or don’t have a lot of time of your hands. Plus, you can cut out the mess of having to use a pasting table, and you don’t even need to wait for the paste to soak into the paper before hanging it – that's a little win! Follow our quick and easy steps:

You will need:

Step 1 – Prep the wall

First, start by removing any existing wallpaper and paste using a wallpaper stripper solution. Our concentrated wallpaper stripper is fast acting and will work perfectly for this. If you're working with multiple layers of wallpaper, a wallpaper stripper device may be the best solution, the steam penetrates deep – perfect for vinyl, multi-layered and heavily textured wallpaper designs. If you need more tips on removing wallpaper, check out our blog here.

Once you’re happy you’ve removed the existing wallpaper, it’s time to give the surface a good clean. Use a bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge to thoroughly clean the wall – and allow to dry thoroughly before the next step.

Step 2 - Draw a line down the wall

Using a plumb bob, draw a vertical line down the wall you’re going to apply the wallpaper to. This makes sure the pattern of the paper stays straight. The first drop of wallpaper is key as all the others will align to it, so it's important to ensure it’s right, otherwise your wallpaper could look wonky.

Step 3 – Paste the wall

Using a wallpaper pasting brush, apply an even layer of wallpaper paste to a section of the wall. It's important to work in sections here, as you don’t want the paste to dry before you’ve had chance to attach the paper. Make sure you paste a little further out than the wallpaper you’re about to hang. Use a 2” paint brush to add paste at the top of the wall, around sockets, and just above the skirting. This will ensure even coverage in difficult areas and stop the wallpaper "lifting" when dry.

Top tip: Try using a roller instead of a brush to apply the paste for quicker application.

Step 4 – Hang the paper

First cut the wallpaper roughly to the length of your wall (hold up to the wall to measure). Be sure to allow a little extra just in case, you can trim the excess off later. Hang the wallpaper on the wall onto the section you’ve just pasted. Use ladders to get to the ceiling or coving. Smooth the paper down, removing any bumps. Use a wallpaper trimming wheel to remove the excess paper and wipe away any paste with a sponge.

When adding the next piece it’s important to make sure the patterns match up correctly. Our Easy wallpaper is great because you can easily adjust the paper after applying for a perfect pattern match. When you get to the bottom of the wall, check the pattern matches and that there aren’t any gaps. If there are bubbles or if the pattern isn’t quite matching, you can gently pull back the paper and reapply – that’s a little win!

Step 5 – Ta da!

Repeat until you’re done. Don’t worry about taking breaks or giving up for the night, you can pick up wherever you left off, just make sure to reapply the paste.

Sit back and enjoy your freshly decorated room.

Pasting wall

Work wonders with One Coat paint

With our One Coat paint you can transform tired walls in no time at all. Choose from a range of shades to suit your space, with 6 new colours for 2022! It offers fantastic coverage in just one coat and dries in 2-4 hours. Its hard-wearing finish will also help to disguise any lumps and bumps on your walls – that's a little win!

Did you know? We’ve matched our Easy wallpaper range with our One Coat paint, making it even easier to get the perfect pairing!

For even more tips check out our painting walls and ceilings blog.

One coat paint

Why stop at the walls?

There’s no need to spend money on a brand-new kitchen when you can transform worktops and cupboard doors using D-C-Fix self-adhesive film. It’s available in a variety of colours and designs, allowing you to quickly and easily give your kitchen a new look. It’s also water resistant and heat resistant up to 75 degrees – that's a little win!

How to use:

  • Make sure the area is smooth, free of dust and grease
  • Measure the area to be covered
  • Cut to size required using the handy grid on the backing paper
  • Loosen the back paper at one corner and peel back around 4 inches
  • Position the exposed corner at one edge and peel the protection paper off the reverse
  • Smooth out any air bubbles from the centre to the edges
  • Trim any excess film with a knife for a flawless finish

Top tip: If you find an air bubble, sometimes it may be best to pop the film with a needle to release the trapped air.

Transform with tiles

Why splash out on a brand-new bathroom when you can transform it with self-adhesive tiles? House of Mosaic’s easy-to-use tile sheets have a self-adhesive backing. Simply peel and stick, then apply grout to keep them in place. You could use them to create a slim border around the whole bathroom, or as a back splash behind the sink.

With just a few simple tips and some great products, it really is possible to transform a room in a weekend. If we’ve inspired you to get stuck into your own weekend makeover don’t forget to share the finished result with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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