Little wins to help you get stuff done Little wins to help you get stuff done

Washing wins whilst at uni

Top tips for getting clothes clean whilst you’re away at university. Uni may be the first time you’ve had to do laundry, so follow our tips to get the job done quickly and easily. From separating whites from darks to using colour run products in your washes, we’ll help you get it right.

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Washing wins whilst at uni

Separating the washing

  • Separate lights from darks. Sorting the laundry by colour makes sure that if dye bleeds from any clothing it won’t ruin the whole wash
  • Be sure to wash whites on their own
  • Wash coloured clothes together - grey, navy, black, dark reds can all go together in the machine
  • If you’re not the best at separating clothes, you can always rely on a colour catching sheet in the machine to prevent colour runs – we like to use these if we are washing something new (as the fabric is more likely to bleed)
  • Look at the labels to see what kind of washing temperature they need, you don’t want to shrink your favourite top!
  • Put towels and bed sheets on hotter washes, but be careful as some fabrics can shrink in hotter washes, and should be put on a cool wash

Before you put the clothes in the wash

Before you put the clothes in the wash, there are a few things to think about first to prevent any disasters…

  • Fasten any zips and buttons
  • Turn anything with embroidery, or emblems inside out – this protects the design
  • Check the pockets for tissues, pens, and loose change
  • Put delicate items and underwear in a net bag for extra protection

Treating stains on clothes

Stains on clothes can happen from time to time, so get prepared with our easy tips:

What to do when you get a stain:

1:- Scoop off any excess and blot the stain by patting with kitchen roll

2:- Rinse or if possible, soak in cold water (hot water will make the stain soak in more)

3:- Apply our wilko oxi plus stain remover. It’s rated 4.7 stars, is tough on stains but gentle on coloured fabrics. You can use this to create a paste by adding some water and applying directly on the stain, or add a scoop to the wash if your white clothes need brightening up

It’s also a good idea to have something stronger just in case you need it. The stain devils survival kit is specifically designed to tackle tough stains, removing stains in just three minutes. In the kit you get 3 different formulations, covering over 40 different stains!

Stain remover

Washing products

With so many washing products out there, it’s easy to be confused with what does what job. Fear not! Our washing breakdown will help:

Washing detergents – these come in liquid or gels, pods, tablets or capsules and powder formats, but all of these are designed to do the same thing - wash clothes. Washing tablets or pods are easiest to use as you can just pop one in the drum of the machine

Fabric softener – you usually add softener to the drawer, and it helps to keep fabrics feeling soft

Scent boosters – these extend the fragrance on clothing, giving a freshly washed smell for longer

Crease sprays – these are a great way to avoid the ironing! If you have a lightly creased item, a crease releaser spray will remove the crease and add a light fragrance too

Stain removers– these can be used as spot treatments or added into particularly dirty washes to remove stains and make whites white

Using uni washing machines

Most halls of residence have an onsite laundrette but be sure to check with your accommodation provider. These usually have both washing machine and tumble dryers. You will need to invest in a laundry basket/bag to carry the laundry from your room to the laundrette.

If you’re house sharing the you may already have a washing machine and dryer but if not, then you’ll need a big enough bag to help take clothes to the local laundrette.

When it comes to drying clothes, it might be worthwhile getting an air dryer or clothes horse, especially if there’s no outside space available.

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