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Student storage ideas

Space can be limited as a student, especially in halls of residence. There’s all your books, clothes, the TV and so much more before you’ve even had chance to think about where to put the laptop. When space is limited, our savvy storage solutions will help get you sorted in no time. Our great range of products are designed to tackle storage issues across your bedroom and kitchen, to help provide a harmonious place to live.

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Student storage ideas

Packing up to go to uni

When it comes to packing up before heading to uni, planning and preparation is key. We’ve come up with a list of things to buy and think about before you set off for uni:

  • Get plenty of cardboard boxes to pack your items in for the journey
  • Generally, with shared kitchens and living areas storage space is limited so bear this in mind when packing – don’t bring everything and the kitchen sink!
  • Will you really need a multipack of pans, or just the one? Same goes for plates and cutlery
  • Be sure to check what’s provided before purchasing things. Every uni/tenancy agreement is different so check with your accommodation provider or landlord
  • If possible, check in with the people you’re house sharing with to see what they are bringing; you don’t want to end up with 4 toasters!

Smart storage for the kitchen

With a shared kitchen there may not be that much shelf space, so our handy storage solutions can help you make the most of limited space:

  • Tin can organiser and round kitchen organisers fit into your cupboard and includes 3 tiers to make it easier to see what you’re storing away so nothing gets lost or forgotten down the back. It’s perfect for cans, or spices that can take up surface space
  • Glass jars are ideal because you can see what’s inside them. Our glass jars black board lids enable you to label the top with what’s inside
  • Don’t forget the fridge! Keep it sorted with fridge and freezer storage bins so you know whose food is whose with – label the bin with a marker/sticker

Smart storage for the bathroom

Whether you’re lucky enough to have an en-suite in your room or are sharing with a large group, bathroom storage is always handy. Be sure to check with your accommodation if you will be sharing a bathroom.

  • Over the door hooks – just hangs over the door meaning no drilling needed. It’s perfect for hanging your wash bag or towels
  • We recommend a wash caddy to transport your items to the bathroom and hang up when you’re in there
  • If your bathroom doesn’t have much storage you can pop a storage unit in there.

Clothing storage

Keeping your room clean and tidy is especially important if it’s on the small side. They may be limited space in the wardrobe so bear this in mind when packing. If you plan to travel home often then only bring the clothing you’ll need for certain seasons. Check out our handy storage for clothes:

  • This Shoe organiser fits into wardrobe space and will keep them organised
  • Our Trouser hanger comes with 3 layers so can fit multiple pairs of trousers on
  • Our Outfit organiser and accessories hanger are both perfect to fit smaller pieces on like belts, scarves and accessories
  • If you aren’t planning on returning home that often then consider using vacuum bags for things you won’t use at the start of term – they will condense the clothes meaning they take up less space, and keep them fresh
  • Ottomans and storage cubes will tidy away larger items, such as coats, or items you wont wear straight away and they double up as seating options!
  • Don’t have enough room in the wardrobe? Try an open clothes rack propped in the corner of the room, it’s also a great way to show off your favourite outfits and hang easy to reach pieces

Stationery and desk organisation

Your desk is where you will be spending a lot of time! But with limited space, it’s likely your desk will be a multifunctional space used for both studying and getting ready for those all-important nights out…

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