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5 ideas to style your student room

Your student house is probably the first place you’ve lived away from home, so you’ll want to make it your own, full of your personality. With our little wins, you can make your uni room your own comfortable space in no time!

  • Clare - copywriter
  •  7min read
5 ideas to style your student room

1. Give it some personality

One of the best ways to make your space your own is to personalise it using the walls.

Before you reach for a hammer and nails, remember there are lots of non-damaging ways to hang up pictures, prints and whatever else you want on your walls...

  • A staple of any student room has to be a cork board. They’re perfect for pinning up pics of your family and friends, and tacking your timetable and coursework deadlines!
  • Or how about a bit of art – whether you want some movie posters or fine art, you can easily find wall art that fits your personality and brightens up your walls
  • We also love a gallery wall, fill it with whatever pictures you like. Not sure how to make one? Then our guide to creating a gallery wall will see you right.

If there are restrictions on what you can have on the walls where you’re living, hanging strips and Command hooks will be your new best friends. Each of these hanging strips has been specially designed to hold varying weights, providing you with an easy way to hang up pictures, without the need for screws or nails.

As ever, be sure to check with your landlord what the rules are for your room. You don’t want to lose that deposit!

2. Add colour with bedding

We’re sure you’ve been told a hundred times before to make your bed, but now it’s time to make your bed your own!

Bedding and duvet sets are an easy way to inject some colour and style into your room, as well as giving you a bed that’s perfect for a comfy night’s sleep.

With so many different styles and fabrics available, you can really create a space that’s unique to you.

Don’t forget to co-ordinate with your sheets too!

To make it that bit more special, think about accessorising with throws or a selection of cushions. They’re not only soft and comfy but they can help your room feel that bit more cosy and warm.

3. Add accessories

The more you can personalise your space, the more it’ll feel like home, and an easy way to do this is with accessories:

  • Get green with some flowers and plants. If you haven’t got the time or patience to look after some real plants, you don’t need to worry. Invest in some artificial flowers and you can still bring the outside in but without the hard work - that’s a little win!
  • We’d normally talk candles for a bit of added ambience! But a lot of uni landlords won’t let you have naked flames, so go for reed diffusers to make your room smell heavenly, and LED tealights to create a cosy vibe
  • You can also give your room a whole new feel with a nice rug. Whether you want to go for a bit of faux fur or something with a bold pattern, a rug is great for making your room feel cosy, warm and comfortable.

Just a few accessories here and there can make all the difference.

4. Let there be light!

A great way of bringing some personality and atmosphere to your room is with light. We’ve already covered LED candles, so here are some other ways that you can use light to make your room glow...

  • Mirrors are a great way of making your room feel brighter, especially if you’re staying in a smaller space with less light than you’re used to. Depending on the space you have, you could go with a wall mirror, a standing mirror for desks and cabinets or even a mirror to hang on the back of your door. Be sure to check the rules where you live before permanently attaching anything to walls and doors though!
  • Table lamps are another great way of adding some extra light to your space, helping you to create your own chill area or study space. You could even fit a dimmable light bulb or colour-changing bulb!
  • Is any student room really a student room without some string lights though? There’s always space for string lights! Whether you hang them across the walls, around the doors or over your headboard, you can easily create the look you want. They’re easy to hang too. All you need are some damage-free suction cup hooks and you're sorted!

5. Get organised with storage

When you’re in your new room, organising it will help you make the most of the space you have. There are lots of small things you can do, from getting a pinboard organiser to getting some draw tidies, but one of the best things when you have limited space is to get yourself some storage that can double up as seating and give you more for your money!

An ottoman or storage cube can be the perfect solution for your stylish storage needs. They’re ideal for hiding away all your bits and bobs and they can also be used as extra seating – perfect for when you have friends over.

There are loads of different styles, sizes and finishes available, so you’ll easily find something to match the look you want for your room. Storage cubes are better for smaller spaces and can be tucked away neatly into the corner of your room or underneath your bed.

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