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Top 5 products to help you clean quicker

We know you love keeping your home clean and shiny, but it can be a challenge when there’s so many other things to do. So, here’s a selection of fab wilko cleaning products designed to help you get that cleaning done quicker and more efficiently!

Just grab your fave cleaner or disinfectant and these products, to clean it like you mean it!

  • Sandra - copywriter
  •  5min read
Top 5 products to help you clean quicker

1. wilko flat mop and bucket set

Need a bit of help to clean your hard floors quickly without struggling to get into those hard-to-reach areas? The wilko flat mop and bucket set has a rotating head for all the awkward bits and is easy to use.

It features a bucket with separate wash and dry chambers, so you won’t get excess water spreading across your floor. And, having two chambers helps floors dry quicker with no watermarks and streaks – that's a little win!

You can use the flat mop on any hard floor, including tiles, stone, laminate, vinyl and wood. Simply, fill the wash chamber with a mixture of water and your fave wilko floor cleaner (we recommend our all-purpose cleaner, make sure the lid is attached securely and clean away!

2. wilko long-handled radiator brush

Scared to look behind the radiator? You’re not alone – it's the one place that’s easy to overlook when it comes to cleaning and, let’s face it, it’s a real pain trying to reach behind them.

Not anymore, though! Our handy long-handled radiator brush is a cleaning essential when it comes to getting behind your radiators as well as all those other hard-to-reach places.

The bristles are made from natural fibres for effective cleaning.

3. wilko small spaces cleaning tool

It’s usually the hard-to-reach areas all around the house that slow us down when we’re cleaning. The wilko small spaces cleaning tool lets you easily clean fiddly corners and those awkward areas in the home.

This narrow tool cleaning set features a triangular mop head that pivots to make cleaning corners and tight spaces a breeze. The premium non-scratch chenille mop head is ultra-absorbent and helps remove dust and grime. It’s also got a 1m extendable handle so you can reach high areas as well.

The mop head can easily be removed and is ideal for cleaning glass, bathroom surfaces, tiles, walls, ceilings and floors, as it can be used wet or dry.

4. wilko venetian blind cleaner and refills

We’re always amazed at the surprising amount of dust venetian blinds collect – and equally amazed at how difficult they are to clean. Talk about a labour of love!

So, how about being able to give your venetian blinds a truly blinding clean with our brilliant blind cleaner – see what we did there!

Seriously, this clever cleaning tool takes less than half the time to get your blinds super clean and dust-free by lifting dirt from three blind slats at a time.

sing efficient microfibre technology, it picks up dust, dirt and hair quickly and easily. The pack comes with two refills for even more blindingly clean blinds!

5. wilko window cleaner with extendable handle

We wouldn’t blame you if cleaning windows gets missed sometimes from your usual cleaning routine.

It might not be the most popular cleaning task but sparkling, clean windows are a joy – especially when the sun is shining! We can help make it easier, though, with our wilko window cleaner that will have you powering through tiles, windows and bathroom areas, including the shower screen, in no time.

This essential cleaner features a large window cleaner head and integrated squeegee to remove excess water. It also has a removable microfibre pad that is machine washable.

The head is fitted with an extendable handle so you can clean hard-to-reach areas and it has a neck spring to keep the head flat against the surface for a more efficient, thorough clean.

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