Little wins to help you get stuff done Little wins to help you get stuff done

Bring on wrapping Christmas presents... like a pro!

The festive season is upon us and if you’re anything like us we can’t wait to get out there picking up the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Actually, some of us have made a start already!

When the pressie buying is done, it’s time to bring on the all-important gift wrapping. We know some of you love this part while for others it’s more of a struggle.

So, if you end up with your fingers bound together by scraps of Sellotape and knee deep in wrapping paper cut offs, then this guide is for you. Just follow our easy steps for a stack of presents perfectly gift wrapped like a pro!

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Bring on wrapping presents... like a pro!

Prepare your gift-wrapping supplies

Set aside an evening and gather all your gifts together with those all-important gift-wrapping supplies, such as;

Set them all out on a large area like the kitchen table, where there’s plenty of room to work without having to bend or crouch down.

Wrapping presents

Step 1 – Measure the wrapping paper

We think it’s a good idea to measure out the amount of paper you need for each gift. This saves on waste and makes it much easier to wrap.

Simply take the gift and place it on the gift wrap, then roll the gift over until you’ve covered all 4 sides of the gift, adding an extra couple of inches. This should give you the right amount of paper you need, with a little over. Better to have a small amount of excess than not enough!

Step 2 – Cut the wrapping paper

Use our handy cutting grid to help you cut your wrapping paper in a straight line. Take care when working with scissors and allow plenty of time for cutting.

Wrapping presents

Step 3 – Folding and taping

Place your gift on the wrapping paper, face down and in the middle. Take one side and secure the paper gently to the gift with a small piece of tape. Then do the same for the other side, securing the tape to the paper that’s already there.

Top tip – if your cutting skills aren’t great and you have a ragged edge on the paper, simply fold it under by one centimetre or so, to hide the wonky edge.

Wrapping presents

Step 4 – Securing the ends

Now for the tricky bit... securing the ends. Many people struggle with this part but it’s easy when you follow these steps.

Fold down one side of the paper so it meets the gift and then secure it with a small piece of tape. Do the same with the other side. You will then be left with two lose edges of paper. Take one and bring towards the middle of the box and secure with tape. Then take the final edge and secure with tape.

Top tip – fold the last two edges in by a few millimetres to get a clean ‘pro’ finish.

Wrapping presents

Step 5 – Finishing touches

Now your gift is all neatly wrapped it’s time for the name tags and finishing touches such as ribbons and bows, for a festive touch that makes all the difference.

Take your ribbon and wrap it lengthways around the gift, then cross it over and wrap around the other way so you end up in the middle. Then, tie it off nice and tight with a knot and finish with a bow.

To curl the ends of the ribbons, simply hold them carefully against your scissor blade and pull the blade firmly down the length of the ribbon for gorgeous bouncy curls.

Pop a name tag on (while you can still remember who the gift is for!) and attach to the present. We’ve got a wide selection of name tags to choose from that coordinate with every style of wrapping paper.

Top tip - We love gift bows to add the finishing touch to any present and especially if the wrapping does go a bit wrong... they can hide a multitude of sins!

Wrapping presents

Our fave wrapping paper wins

We’ve got lots of little wins when it comes to wrapping…so if you’re short on time our tips are sure to help.

If you’re wrapping presents for multiple people in your household, why not use a different wrap for each person, so you can see by the design of the wrapping paper who the present is for and you won’t need name tags– that’s a little win!

For a stylish little win, we love matching our wrapping paper colours to our tree. Then, pop them under the Christmas tree as soon as they’re wrapped as additional festive décor!

There’s always an odd shaped gift that’s awkward to wrap, isn’t there? We suggest checking out our wide range of gift bags and boxes – simply pop in the present and go... easy!

And finally, remember you don’t always need to wrap gifts. Sometimes their packaging is pretty enough in itself – just complete the look with a festive bow and tag.

It’s the little wins that make a world of difference – wrapping csr wins

At wilko we know it’s the little wins that make a world of difference.

That’s why…

We’ve developed a range of plastic-free wrapping paper that’s shrink-wrap free, and fully recyclable. It also has a handy cutting guide on the reverse so you can avoid waste by never using too much.

All our single and boxed cards are glitter-free. And wilko will donate 10% of profit from boxed cards, sharing it equally across the three UK charities Alzheimer's Society, Save the Children and Teenage Cancer Trust. We expect total donations to be £13,000.

We’ve also developed a range of plastic-free Christmas crackers. Both packaging and contents are plastic-free and they are fully recyclable, too.

Are you ready for a wrapping marathon? If you have any gift-wrapping tips, we’d love to hear them and to see pics of your perfectly wrapped pressies! Let us know Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

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