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5 ways to update your home in a weekend

If your home is looking a little tired and you’ve let things get on top of you, not to worry: our 5 quick decorating jobs can give your home a new lease of life, in just a weekend!

  • Clare - copywriter
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5 ways to update your home in a weekend

1. Fix cracks in walls

If you have a crack in the wall, it can be a real distraction! Not to worry, we’ve got all the tips to tackle this DIY nightmare:

Step one

Wash the wall with sugar soap. This will remove any grime and prep the wall for work.

Step two

Apply ready mixed filler over the cracks. The ready-mixed solution will save time and effort, and it has a quick-drying formula. Apply a small amount of filler to the end of a scraper, use it to add the filler to the crack, and scape over to remove most of the excess. Wait until the filler is fully dried.

Step three

Sand down the filler, take off the top layer and file until smooth.

Step four

Finish with a fresh coat of paint. Choose from a range of different colours and finishes such as wilko flat matt or silk emulsion, amongst many others!

Filling walls

2. Refresh walls with pale neutrals

If your walls are looking tired, update them with the existing colour or go for pale, neutral shades that go with anything and won’t require a full room makeover. It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to brighten a space.

Choose from our great range of finishes to suit your room. We have specific paints for whatever rooms you had in mind, such as kitchen and bathroom.

3. Update with new shelves

Keep purchasing accessories but have nowhere to put them? Showcase them on a new shelf. Our floating shelves are sleek and stylish and perfect for small ornaments and photos. You could even install them in a trio for a super stylish look.

Once installed, style with your favourite home accessories, photoframes, stylish ornaments and keep sakes for the finished look.

4. Refresh skirting boards

Freshly painted skirting boards can make more of an impact than you think! When refreshing the room, you may forget about skirting boards, or plan to do later and then let it slip. Our tips can have your skirting boards looking fresh in just a few hours.

1. First pick your colour, go for something the same tone as your walls. Lighter colours on skirting boards will help make your room look larger, and darker colours on skirting boards will give a modern look. Our quick dry interior wood range is available in satin, gloss and eggshell finish. They’re all water-based so brushes can be washed out easily. They’re also all quick-drying and stay whiter for longer over traditional solvent-based interior wood products.

2. When painting skirting boards you will need a smaller brush, we recommend around 2 inch wide.

3. Sand the skirting board – this removes old paint and allows the new paint to adhere.

4. Wash down with sugar soap.

5. Tape up the edges. Use masking tape around the edge of the floor or carpet and the edge of the skirting board to create clean lines and prevent damage to your floor/carpet.

6. When painting woodwork we always recommend using a quick dry undercoat. These are designed with superb hiding power and provide excellent adhesion and act as a sound base coat to the topcoat – giving that professional finish.

7. Apply the paint evenly to the skirting board, precision is key here – take your time. Once the first coat is dry you may need a second coat if you are drastically changing the colour. Be sure to remove the masking tape as per pack instructions.

5. Update with new door knobs/handles

Give your home an instant lift with our fantastic selection of internal door knobs and door handles. From antique finishes that'll add a gorgeous touch to wooden doors to sleek chrome styles that'll bring a modern twist to any decor, there's something for every home and interior design scheme at wilko.

Don’t forget cupboard doors too. Instead of replacing a wardrobe or drawers, just update the handles or knobs - you’ll be surprised at how it can transform your units!

There you have it, you can actually get a lot done in a weekend if you think about it! Can you think of any other easy updates for your home? Tell us over on Instagram or Facebook.