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How to maintain your garden buildings, fences and patio

Keeping your exterior buildings and outdoor wood in tip top condition is easy when you know how. So, with lots more warm, dry days ahead, it's the perfect time to get cracking in the garden. Our blog has plenty of little tips to help you maintain your garden buildings, fence and patio area.

  • Sandra - copywriter
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How to maintain your garden buildings, fences and patio

How to maintain your greenhouse

A greenhouse is a fantastic addition to any garden and will last for years with a little bit of love! Keep yours in great condition with our top maintenance tips.

Choose a time when the weather is good for a few days and you can empty out the greenhouse before you begin.

First, wipe down windows to ensure light can get in. Then, wash down tables and benches with warm soapy water. Or, you can do this the quick and easy way with wilko plastic-free outdoor antibacterial cleaning wipes 24pk.

If your greenhouse is in need of a heavy duty clean then wilko outdoor cleaning fluid 1L can be used to clean and disinfect the greenhouse glass. It's strong, so only use it outdoors and follow the instructions! It will remove algae, mould and lichen and it kills 99.9% of all bacteria - that's a little win! Just make sure you remove or protect all your precious greenhouse plants before you use it. If you have a PVC greenhouse we recommend cleaning with a soft damp cloth.

Next, oil the windows and doors so they continue to open and close easily. Our wilko garden W glazing clips are perfect to use for securing glazing if you need to replace any broken panes. They're galvanised for rust resistance and have some great reviews!

Also, it's important to stay on top of pests as often as you can. Inspect for pests and bugs and if you do find anything treat and move the plant away from the others to ensure it doesn’t spread.

We recommend wilko child and pet friendly bug control 1L. It's a pesticide-free spray formula that is safe to use around pets and children. It's also safe to use on both ornamental and edible plants and can be used right up the day of harvesting. You can use it all year round because pests won't develop a resistance to it - that's a little win!

When you've treated the bugs, wash all accessories including pots, trays and cans to prevent any contamination when re-using them.

Finally, remember to ventilate your greenhouse, especially on hot days right through from spring to autumn. This will prevent your plants from overheating. We recommend opening greenhouse doors, windows and vents on sunny days. Alternatively, you could install some shading such as to protect plants from direct sunlight and scorching on very hot days. Provides 4.86m² cover and is easy to install.

Bonus Tip: During the cooler months you may want to insulate your greenhouse. The wilko Crop Protection Fleece 1.5m x 8m can be used for this.

Simple steps to perk up your patio!

Can't see your patio for all the weeds or has it turned a funny shade of green? Fear not! Just follow our simple steps to help you perk up your patio in time for the summer months and get it back to looking its best.

  • Start with a tidy up. Brush up any leaves and debris
  • Banish pesky weeds - Remove larger weeds and debris that has collected in the gaps in your patio
  • Our hand weed brush will help shift even those stubborn weeds
  • Pour and go - Pour the path & patio cleaner into your garden sprayer. The cleaner is ready to use, so no messy mixing needed - that's a little win!
  • Spray it and sit back - Spray the solution onto your patio then sit back and relax - there's no scrubbing or scraping needed! The cleaner has an acid-free formula and takes around a week to work its magic
  • Give it a sweep - After around a week, brush away any leftover dirt and debris. Ta da! It's now time to admire your newly pimped-up patio!

If your patio is in need of a total refresh, you may need to invest in a pressure washer – this will jet away any stubborn mould, grime or dirt.

Simple steps to perk up your patio

Revive and maintain outdoor wood

Make sure sheds and fences are well looked after and they will last for years to come.

We all know how the great British weather can bring rain, hail, snow and sun all in one season, but did you know this can cause pressure on wooden joints? That's why we think it’s a good idea to give wood a coat of paint on arrival, followed by a yearly treatment.

If your shed or fence is dip treated, a preservative is the best way to protect against rot and decay, followed by a waterproofing treatment to stop moisture getting in. If your shed or fence is pressure treated, you should only need to apply a waterproofing treatment.

Our wilko wax-enriched woodcare has a specifically designed, water-based formulation that gives excellent ultraviolet resistance. It's also enriched with waxes to provide high water repellence for many years of lasting colour and protection.

Wood treatment is best applied in dry weather when there’s no rain expected for a few days to give it chance to do its magic. Before you start painting give the shed or fence a good clean, check for any loose nails and sand down surfaces. Paint in the direction of the wood grain and be sure to apply 2 coats for good coverage and a lasting finish. If you’re applying a completely different garden colour, a third coat may be needed.

Maintain Shed

Taking care of your garden structures is well worth it as it will mean they last longer and stay looking great. Do you have any tips on looking after garden buildings and outdoor wood? We'd love to hear them on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.