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Find everything you need to get your garden growing with our great range of plant food, fertilisers, compost and more

Plant food & fertilisers

Get your garden looking great with a little help from our garden lawn and plant care range. Our plant food and fertilisers are perfectly designed to give beds and borders a boost and get your flowers looking blooming lovely.

Lawn looking lacklustre? Get it back to its best with grass seed for all lawn types including shady and hardwearing. Sow between March and October for a lawn that’ll make your neighbours go green with envy!

If you love the feeling of growing your own, we’ve got a great compost range to get your seedlings off to the best start too! And when they’re ready for planting outside, don’t forget the all-important accessories including garden hoses for watering and garden canes for support.

We’ve even got smaller garden spaces covered. It’s easy to add some colour to balconies or patios with our range of plant pots. They’re available in a range of sizes and styles to suit any outdoor space.

Why not embrace your inner eco-gardener and harvest rainwater with our range of water butts? These eco-friendly watering systems simply connect to your downpipe…nature does the rest! You’ll find extra large water butts for bigger gardens and slimline ones for smaller gardens.