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Browse our wide range of laptops, so whether you are looking to upgrade your existing laptop or something for the kids to start out their digital journey, we have something for all. Choose from a selection of well-known brands all of which come with different storage space for your needs. Monitors to make your tasks a lot easier, maybe looking for a twin screen and save all that precious time.

Choose one of our keyboards and mice to enable you to type, scroll and click. You’ll find everything that's wired directly into your computer to a wireless mouse that removes all the restrictions of cables. We also have headsets for those important client or team meeting calls including wireless headphones

Store as many of your photos, videos, audio files movies or documents with a range of external hard drives just in case anything happens to your laptop or computer, always keep a backup, better safe than sorry! From compact portable external hard drives or something smaller like our USB and SD storage drives we have something for you.

Find the perfect TV for your home from the trusted brands you know and love and choose from a range of sizes and picture resolution. Smart televisions include Freeview and other well-known streaming services. We also have projectors for the home cinema experience which offer full HD and 4K picture quality too.

Browse our Smart Home devices range which allows you to control and run vital home functions like lighting, sound, heating, monitoring and more using an internet connected device. Functions can include the scheduling of heating, lighting, and security.