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How to clean your bedroom the easy way

When it comes to cleaning, most of us prefer to get it done as quickly and easily as possible, so it doesn’t take up too much of our hard-earned spare time.

Once the busier rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom have had a deep clean, it’s always tempting to leave the bedroom until next time (one more week won’t hurt right?).

Cleaning the bedroom doesn’t have to be a chore though, here’s a few tips, along with our favourite bedroom cleaning products, to help restore order to your sleep sanctuary in no time.

  • Rochelle - copywriter
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How to clean your bedroom the easy way

Grab the essentials

Save time running up and down the stairs to the cleaning cupboard by arming yourself with all the cleaning products you need beforehand. Here’s a handy list of everything you’ll need:

  • A bag for rubbish
  • Laundry basket to collect any washing
  • A sturdy box to store loose items
  • A vacuum cleaner or brush depending on your flooring
  • Dusting and cleaning items (including all-purpose cleaner and a duster)
  • Window cleaner and microfibre cloth

Now you’re all set so let’s get cracking!

Clear the clutter

Start by clearing the clutter, it’ll help you blitz the bedroom cleaning in no time at all.

  • Empty the laundry hamper and pop all your dirty clothes into the washing basket
  • Empty any bins
  • Completely clear surfaces including ornaments on windowsills, lamps on bedside tables and all your bits and bobs from the dressing table. Pop these into a storage cube for safe keeping while you clean up

With the bedroom decluttered, it’s time to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in.

Do away with the dust

It’s a question that’s always asked; vacuum first or dust first? It’s best to dust first, so that when you’re vacuuming you can pick up any loose dust particles floating around.

  • Start by tackling any cobwebs. You’ll need a long-handled duster to reach right into the corners and other hard-to-reach-places. Choose an electrostatic duster that’ll attract the dust for quick and easy cleaning
  • Don’t just dry wipe all your surfaces, using a moist cloth will pick up even more dust. And remember tops of pictures and mirrors too, these are really easy to forget

Top tip: Use a dryer sheet to remove dust from electronics. The sheet’s ability to reduce static means it’s not only good at picking up dust, it helps prevent it from settling back on the screen when you’re done too.

Give your windows some wow

Arm yourself with a good quality window cleaner (avoid ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners for a streak-free finish), and a microfibre cloth.

Spray a little cleaner on the window and wipe away using circular motions.

You could also try using warm soapy water. Remove the water using a window vac – it's a quick and easy way to get the window cleaning done if it’s one of your least favourite jobs!

Top tip: Prefer a more traditional cleaning method? Mix equal parts water with equal parts vinegar for a streak-free, eco-friendly glass cleaner.

Take a look at our window cleaning blog for even more tips.

Freshen the bed up

The most important piece of furniture in any bedroom is, of course, the bed! Give it a freshen up with these quick and easy tips:

  • Start by stripping the whole bed and chuck everything in the laundry basket. If there’s a mattress protector on your bed, stick this on a hot wash every couple of months too
  • Give the mattress a good vacuum to remove any dust and debris. It’s also recommended that you flip the mattress every 6 months to keep it at its best
  • Pop some freshly washed covers on your newly revived bed and it’ll look as good as new!

Top tip: Place a tumble dryer sheet on the mattress before putting the sheet on. It’ll help your bed smell fresher for longer.

For even more cleaning tips, take a look at our blog on tackling laundry.

Get floors sparkling

You’re nearly there, now it’s time to get the floor sparkling. Collect any dust and debris on hard floors with a long-handled floor cleaner. Our narrow tool cleaning set is great for getting into awkward corners and tight spaces.

Unless you’re getting stuck into a really deep clean, don’t worry about moving furniture around, just try and get right under the bed to collect as much dirt as possible.

We’ve put together a handy blog where you’ll find lots of little wins for cleaning all types of flooring – check it out for even more handy advice.

The final finishing touches

Your bedroom cleaning mission is now complete! Finish by popping everything from your storage box back where it belongs.

Now’s a good time to have a quick declutter too. Get rid of anything that was just gathering dust (there’ll be less to clean next time too!).

Find lots of cleaning essentials to get your home sparkling from top to bottom at wilko.com