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How to clean your bathroom

Can you no longer put off cleaning your bathroom? Wondering where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Set aside a good amount of time to get this job done – you may need a couple of hours for a thorough clean.

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How to clean your bathroom

Check your supplies

Before starting, check your supplies – having the right products to hand makes the job much easier! We recommend:


The key to any good, deep clean is to start with a declutter. It’ll help you clean quicker and much more efficiently.

  • Throw out any old or empty shampoo bottles hanging around
  • Remove products like shampoo and conditioner from the shower and bath unit
  • Remove anything from surfaces like toothbrush holders and soap dishes
  • Put towels and bathmats in the laundry basket
  • Remove and empty any bins.

Now you have tidy surfaces to get cleaning. When you’re putting it all back, our range of wilko storage will make sure everything stays tidy and organised.

Dust and sweep

Start from the top, use a duster with a long handle to tackle any cobwebs. Carefully dust around light fittings, or any air vents. Next, vacuum the floor to pick up any hair, dust, or debris that may be lying around.

Shower, bath and sink

Next move on to the bath or shower. A good clean of the shower and bath will help prevent any build-up of grime and mould, as well as preventing blocked drains. Remember to wear gloves.


Start by applying a bathroom cleaning spray to the tiles. Leave this to soak for as long as advised on the packaging, and then rinse the surfaces down with the shower head. Then dry with a towel.

If you have stubborn black mould on your tiles, bleach can help. Apply bleach to your cloth and rub into the tiles. Leave to dry for an hour or two and then clean down using the shower head. Make sure you wear gloves.

Shower head

A good clean of the shower head really can leave it as good as new!

  1. Firstly, remove your shower head from the shower arm
  2. Fill a bag with white vinegar - and take the shower head apart as much as possible, exposing all the different parts
  3. Tie an elastic band around the bag to secure and then leave overnight to soak
  4. You should be left with a clean shower head but give a scrub with a toothbrush or fine brush to be sure that you’ve removed the limescale.


If you’re able to, pull out the shower drain and dispose of any build up. Replace back and then pour drain cleaner down the drain and leave for the advised time for the clog to clear.

Shower doors

Shower doors can be a tricky one to keep on top of, but here’s how to get them clean:

  1. Spray down the doors with the shower head
  2. Apply white vinegar to the doors thoroughly using a spray bottle
  3. Leave this to soak for around 10 mins, or longer if there’s lots of limescale build up
  4. Use a sponge to wipe the solution off
  5. Dry the glass with a microfibre cloth
  6. Finish with a glass cleaner on a microfibre cloth to polish.


If you have a build-up of limescale around the taps and bath tops, a lemon can work wonders. Cut the lemon in half and wedge the lemon on the end of the taps. Slice up lemon and place where there’s a build-up of limescale. Leave overnight and the limescale should be loose enough to rub away with a sponge.



Start with the outside, working towards the bowl. Take a cloth and some multipurpose cleaner and wipe down the outer parts of the toilet, then use the same cloth to wipe the seat, under the seat and leave to dry.

Next it’s time to coat the bowl with a toilet gel and leave to soak for a few minutes, then scrub the bowl with a toilet brush, be sure to get under the crevices of the bowl near the seat and try and reach behind the bend of the toilet to get rid of any hard water stains. Give it a flush and it should come up sparkling. Apply a fresh rim block and you’re good to go.



And finally, give the floor a good mop. Use whichever mop you prefer, whether its old school with hot water and a solution, or if you prefer something like the Flash Power Mop to get the job done a bit quicker. Once mopped leave to dry.

Stock up

Now the cleaning’s done it’s time to put everything back.

  • Replace the toiletries you removed earlier
  • Top up any refill containers
  • Whilst you’re here note down any toiletries you need to replace that are running low
  • Pop in a new loo roll
  • Give the room a fresh scent with a candle, diffuser or room spray

New accessories

If you want to go the extra mile, add a few new accessories

  • If towels are past their best, invest in some new ones, ours 100% cotton and super soft
  • A bathroom mirror is not only super helpful, but can make the space feel bigger
  • Storage can help tidy things away – choose from stylish totes and plastic drawers
  • Slogan prints in photo frames can add style
  • Vases or ornaments add personality
  • Faux plants are the perfect finishing touch for a bathroom

If you fancy taking on a total refresh, check out our bathroom makeover blog for hints and tips.

All these tips will have your bathroom looking and smelling great in no time. Do you have anymore cleaning tips for the bathroom? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram.