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How to clean your BBQ

Cleaning your BBQ can often put you off wanting to get BBQ-ing! But, with our little cleaning wins, it’ll be easier than you think to get your BBQ grill and tray sparkling! Whether it’s the big deep clean or a quick clean after a day of grilling - we’re here to help!

  • Clare - copywriter
  •  7min read
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What you’ll need

Here’s a few handy BBQ cleaning essentials to help with getting your grill back to its best and keep it lasting for years to come:

  • BBQ cleaning brush
  • Dry cloth
  • BBQ cleaning spray or vinegar and water solution
  • Bicarbonate of soda and a large plastic bag
  • Newspaper
  • BBQ cover - it’ll help prevent rusting and weather damage
  • Onion – it'll all become clear!

Now you’re armed with all the tools for the job, keep reading on for a few of our favourite ways to help you clean your BBQ…

Some important safety bits before we get started

  • If it’s a gas BBQ, make sure all fuel’s been disconnected before cleaning
  • To make the cleaning easier, we recommend you clean your BBQ whilst it’s still warm, but be sure it’s cooled down enough to be safe to touch
  • Don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning as products may vary
  • After a long period of storage, it’s a good idea to check for any damage and wear and tear

Don’t clean it cold

As we say, it’s recommended to clean your BBQ whilst it’s still warm – but safe to touch. If you’re regretting putting the BBQ away last year without cleaning it, we recommend firing it up before you unleash your BBQ cleaning products on it. This will loosen any caked-on food or ash. Allow it to heat up, then leave it until it’s safely cooled.

1. Steam cleaning

If you’ve got a barbecue with a lid, let it cool down, but while it’s still warm pop in some water-soaked newspaper and close the lid for around half an hour. This will act like a steam cleaner and help you wipe off any stuck-on, burnt grime from the grill much easier – that's a little win!

2. BBQ wire brush

Cleaning stubborn grime and food particles off your barbecue grill with a BBQ wire brush is great for stuck-on food and grime. Having said that, it’s much easier to clean your BBQ when the grill is still slightly warm, but always be careful to make sure the grill’s cooled down.

The wilko Long Triple BBQ Brush has 3 different sections for effective cleaning to get into all the nooks and crannies of your BBQ with ease. Using a grill brush every time you use the BBQ will massively help reduce cleaning time and prevent rust forming on the grill surface – this is one of the best tips to avoid BBQ cleaning nightmares!

3. Dishwasher

There’s no shame in getting a helping hand from the dishwasher! After removing the worst of the grease and grime on your BBQ grills with cleaning products, stick them into the dishwasher on a pots and pans cycle wash, and they should come up looking shiny and new, ready for your next feast!


4. Use a specialist cleaner

Instead of using a general cleaning solution on your BBQ that could potentially be abrasive on your BBQ grill, we recommend using a specialist BBQ cleaner.

The Jeyes BBQ cleaning spray is just what you need to get your grill looking great. Packaged in a handy 750ml trigger spray bottle, it enables quick and easy cleaning and is specially formulated for oven and BBQ cleaning. It kills common barbecue-related bacteria in minutes and offers precise application for a fast, accurate spray. The convenient ready-mixed formula doesn’t require dilution either – that's a little win!

5. Vinegar spray

Want to clean your grill the natural way? Grab a clean, empty spray bottle, some white table vinegar, lukewarm water (our vinegar spray will do just the trick too) and kitchen foil.

Put two cups of vinegar into the spray bottle and top up with two cups of lukewarm water. Pop the lid on and shake it up until the liquids are mixed together. Spray this solution onto your barbecue grill and tray, leaving it to soak in for approximately 10 minutes.

Once dry, pour some vinegar onto a folded square piece of kitchen foil and use this to scrub at the grill. You can also use this to clean the rest of the BBQ, but always check with the manufacturer’s recommendations first.

6. Bicarbonate of soda

If you find that your grill still isn’t spotless, place the grills (if you can) into a large plastic bag then put half a cup of bicarbonate of soda and a full cup of vinegar into a bowl to mix together. Pour this solution all over your grills and leave it for several hours – it’s even better if you can leave this overnight. Once done, rinse the grills thoroughly and you should see the grime fall away with ease.

Top tip: Whatever method you choose with your cleaning essentials, once you’re done, rub the grill in a light dose of vegetable oil to help to stop it from rusting.

7. Use an onion

Want to clean whilst you’re cooking? Pop an onion on a fork and use it to give the bars on your BBQ a quick refresh mid cooking. The water in the onion gently cleans the BBQ and removes any stuck-on pieces of food. Onions also have natural anti-bacterial properties - that’s a little win!

And finally…scrub the outside

So, now the inside of your grill is gleaming, don’t forget to make sure the outside matches too. Hot soapy water, or some regular food-safe ready-to-use liquid cleaner along with some essential cleaning accessories like wipes and microfibre cloths will do the job for this.

Protect your grill all year round

With all the cleaning done and dusted, don’t let that hard work go to waste. Keep your BBQ clean and protected from the elements with a waterproof BBQ cover. Our BBQ grill covers will help to protect your barbecue from rotting, rusting, discolouration and fading. Ideal for making sure your barbecue's ready to go when the sun comes out, our Heavy-Duty BBQ Cover comes complete with eyelets and a cord to provide a secure fit.

Even more little wins…

Here’s some extra little wins to help you keep on top of your BBQ...

  • Protect your grill with our BBQ cooking bags, great for creating lots of dishes on your BBQ.
  • The wilko BBQ Food Folder is great for keeping burgers and veggies contained and mess free.
  • To keep on top of the BBQ cleaning, we recommend cleaning it after every use - trust us you’ll thank yourself later!
  • It’s important to dispose of any fat and oil correctly. Once cooled, scrape any fat, oil or grease into a container or some old newspaper and then throw away in the bin.