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How to give your bathroom a makeover for less than £100

If your bathroom is functioning just fine, but could do with a little bit of refresh, read on for our little wins to transform your bathroom without splashing out. These tips won’t take up too much of your time too, but with the kids going back to school, we’ll hopefully all have a lot more time on our hands to get your space looking great.

  • Clare - copywriter
  • 7min read
How to give your bathroom a makeover for less than £100

Refresh with bathroom paint

Start with the basics - a fresh lick of paint. Our bathroom paint will keep your bathroom looking fresh, and its special formula will withstand steam, moisture and mould – ideal for bathrooms.

It’s durable too and the mid-sheen finish can be wiped down, so it’ll withstand busy bathrooms. We have a wide range of colours, from a light and airy delicate blossom to a dark and intense blueberry shade. We of course have all the classics too like magnolia, white and a selection of neutral greys.

We’ve been developing our own paint since 1973, so we know a thing or two about paint! Our paint is tried, tested and loved by you – just have a read of the great reviews to find out what our customers think.

How to paint bathroom walls

The best results always start with the best preparation. Follow our tips for great results.

  1. Start by preparing the area by gently sanding any shiny or imperfect paint, and buff away any lumps, bumps of scuffs until you are left with a smooth surface. You may want to wear a mask to avoid breathing in dust.
  2. Clean walls and remove any grime with wilko sugar soap. Or use wilko sugar soap wipes, they’re plastic free!
  3. Tape up anywhere you don’t want to get paint on, like around the bathtub or shower. This also helps get clean lines. Lay down a dust sheet to protect larger areas, such as the floor or over the whole tub.
  4. Always remember to stir your paint first to allow any natural separation to be mixed back together. If you’re using more than one tin, we recommend mixing the tins.
  5. Start by using an angled brush for the difficult shapes and corners of bathrooms.
  6. Once all the cutting in work has been completed you can move on to a larger brush or roller. We recommend a medium pile roller. Apply paint liberally and avoid overspreading your paint.
  7. Leave to dry 2 – 4 hours between coats

Wallpaper designed for busy bathrooms

Did you know you can buy wallpaper that’s not only stylish but comes with anti-bacterial properties too? The Contour Antibac range features revolutionary anti-bacterial properties that helps prevent the spread of bacteria around the home. It’s super durable too so it’ll handle everyday bathroom and kitchen activities like grease and moisture. There are so many designs to choose from. Some of them even come in tiled designs - perfect for a bathroom.


Refresh with tile paint

We've even got bathroom tile paint that'll allow you to inject a fresh new look into your bathroom but without the expense and hassle of retiling. Our one coat gloss tile paint is specifically formulated for glazed tiles, covers in one coat and is moisture resistant. Choose from intense black, flintstone grey and brilliant white. You can also update existing tiles with the unibond grout pen. This restores and refreshes old bathroom grout that has become faded and discoloured. It offers triple protection: the mould resistance repels, kills and prevents mould growth!

How to use wilko tile paint:

  1. Surfaces needs to be thoroughly cleaned prior to painting. They need to be clean, dry and free of any grease. Greasy surfaces must be cleaned with wilko white spirit and a clean cloth before applying this paint.
  2. Grouting should be cleaned with a nail brush to remove any dirt or mould
  3. Previously painted surfaces should be lightly sanded with an abrasive paper before painting. Make sure you wear a mask when sanding to avoid inhaling dust.
  4. When you’ve cleaned and you’re ready to paint, stir the paint well before using.
  5. Apply using a good quality brush or roller. If you’re painting over patterned tiles, or where there is a large change in the colour you may need a second coat.
  6. The paint will be dry to the touch after 4 hours, but we recommend waiting 12 hours at least until applying the 2nd coat.
  7. Allow 3 days for the paint to fully harden. You may need longer in cool or damp conditions.

Transform with House of Mosaics tiles

Why splash out on a brand-new bathroom when you can transform it with tiles? You could use them to create a slim border around the whole bathroom, or as a back splash behind the sink.

Tiles come with so many benefits:

  • They’re versatile
  • They add wow factor
  • Easy to use

If you’ve always fancied the tiled look but never got round to it, these easy-to-use mosaic sheets have a self-adhesive backing that fixes a new look in minutes. Simply peel of the backing and stick, then apply grout to keep in place. Perfect for transforming in just a weekend!


DC fix window film

Jazz up your windows and add privacy with sticky back plastic. It's also great to use in replacement of blinds or curtains. DC fix window film is easy to use and there are loads of designs to pick from.

How to apply your dx fic window film:

  • Give the area you are applying the film to a good clean with some window spray. Be sure to give it a good wipe down after so there is no excess spray
  • Measure the area you are applying the film to. Top tip – you don’t have to apply the film to the whole window, you could just apply to the middle
  • Roll out your DC fix and mark the desired size using a ruler cut to the desired size. Leave a little extra if you are unsure, you don’t want to be left short and can always cut off later
  • Lightly sprits the window with clean water
  • Peel off a couple cm of the backing and apply this to the where you want the film to start
  • Firmly press down to secure the film to the window, as you move down the window, keep peeling back the backing film
  • Use a blunt edge tool to remove any air bubbles
  • You may find some of the water has escaped down the sides, so give it a good wipe with a dry cloth.
D-C Fix

Complete the look and accessorise…

Add a pop of colour with our range of towels and bathmats. We have every colour of the rainbow here at wilko. Choose from block colours to geo designs and statement stripes – there’s something for everyone.

Create the illusion of space with a bathroom mirror and jazz the place up with matching toothbrush holders and soap dispensers that are sure to add style. You can also update the basics like toilet seats for a fresh new look.

Don’t forget to make room for all those beauty products ad towels with stylish bathroom storage and cupboards. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to suit your bathroom space.

It’s amazing what you can do with a lick of paint, sticky back plastic, stick on tiles and a bit of imagination! We'd love to hear how you get on with your bathroom makeover, and if you have any great tips of your own, let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter