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Get outside and make the most of late summer!

The sun may have started setting a little earlier but there’s still plenty of time to carry on with your summer of fun! We’ve got lots of little wins to help you make the most of all summer has to offer!

  • Sarah - copywriter
  •  7min read
Get outside and make the most of late summer!

Light it up!

Adding some garden lighting to your outdoor space can really help extend your evenings in the garden when the sun starts setting earlier. They’ll also turn any slightly unloved area into a cosy sanctuary!

Pop some string lights onto your fences, arches and anywhere else around your garden to create a cosy feel. Post lights are great for lighting the way on walkways. If you’re using solar lights, be sure to pop the solar panel in a place that gets loads of light for maximum effect.

Top tip: When hanging string lights in your garden, use the Command outdoor range to have them fixed up in no time!

Stay warm and cosy outdoors

In late summer, the evenings tend to cool off quicker, and if the weather ends up not being quite what you’d hoped for, it can leave you feeling a little chilly when you’ve been sat outside for a while. Outdoor heating to the rescue! Choose from patio heaters, fire pits and chimineas to bring the look of your area together and keep everyone feeling toasty. Don't forget to organise your seating around the outdoor heater, so everyone gets to enjoy it.

Patio heaters – these are usually plugged into the main electric, they don’t take up much room and are the best option if you have little ones around, as there are no flames. They often have multiple settings, like different levels of heat and automatic timers. We even have ones you can simply pop on your garden table!

Fire pits – A fire pit can really add some wow to your outdoor space. Most are suitable for burning charcoal or wood, but be sure to check the instructions. Fire pits are also a great investment for bonfire night – think hot chocolate, and toasting marshmallows. Always remember great care should be taken around open flames. Make sure children, pets and flammable items are kept at a safe distance.

Chimineas – These have a real rustic feel to them, like a fire pit but the fire is all contained inside the chiminea, with a chimney for the smoke to come out of.

Make it cosy with throws and cushions

If you’re not looking to splash out on an outdoor heater, why not add a stash of blankets and cushions to your outdoor set up? Pop a few cosy blankets in a basket so guests can help themselves when they start to feel cold. They’ll be toasty in no time!

Cushions are not only great for making hard furniture comfy, big cushions will also double up as extra seating when you’ve got lots of people over – that's a little win!

Get yourself some shelter!

A gazebo, parasol or pergola will help keep you out of the elements, like light rain, and although they won’t be much use in a downpour, they can help to keep you dry in light showers.

Want to spend more time outdoors whatever the weather? Summerhouses are a brilliant way to extend your living space, giving you a taste of the great outdoors all year round.

Fire up the BBQ

What’s summer without a BBQ? They can be enjoyed well into the summer. And even better, opt for a firepit that will double up nicely as a BBQ as well as giving you a way to keep warm and toasty. Don’t be afraid to only get it out when it’s sunny – warm up those cool evenings too!

Smores toasted on the fire while you’re snuggled up under a blanket anyone? We’re in! All you need to do is toast your marshmallows on skewers by the fire. Once golden, sandwich your marshmallow between biscuits and chocolate, and tuck in – yum! Remember to always be careful near open flames and when handling hot food!

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